Summit Trucking uses Esper to remotely manage their device fleet


Summit Trucking is a family-owned and operated Transportation and Logistics company with a fleet of trucks across North America. Founded by an industry veteran in 1997, Summit’s prioritization of technology maximizes productivity while allowing them to remain a driver-focused employer.

Esper minimizes risk by ensuring driver compliance with ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) and preventing rogue app installation, and making cutting-edge technology accessible to businesses by reducing the time and resources required for device management.

Major Challenges Faced By Summit Trucking

Safety is at the forefront for Summit Trucking. In-cab Android tablets provide significant advantages over other operating systems due to ease of use and configuration, but off-the-shelf tablets allowed drivers to access the entirety of the Google Play Store. Summit wanted to ensure that drivers could only access the apps they needed while preventing the devices from leading to dangerous distractions on the road.

Also, there weren't always enough devices on hand to meet demand for Summit's growing fleet. These supply chain challenges caused variances in availability of devices for the drivers and ultimately caused compliance issues.

I’m putting tablets into 80,000 pound 18 wheelers that are out on the highway. One of my biggest fears is that a driver is going to be watching videos or playing games while driving in my equipment. I needed a way to lock my device down to where only my company’s approved applications were being used.
Dan Locke
Director of Safety & Compliance at Summit Trucking

Esper’s Differentiation

• Esper is a platform designed for dedicated devices and is built to provide custom configurations dependent on device groups.
• Esper is built with granular device lockdown capabilities, ensuring that devices are only used for business purposes.
• Esper’s full-stack Android integration allows a variety of efficient, scalable, provisioning methods.
• Esper validates, tests, and helps develop efficient workflows to ensure software/hardware compatibility.
• Esper is built for rapid device deployments and allows for key configuration decisions and app development to be made in parallel with the devices being shipped.
• With Esper, customers can troubleshoot remotely and push out app updates programmatically in a hardware DevOps framework to minimize outages for customers.

The necessity was the lockdown. The icing on the cake is the control.
Dan Locke
Director of Safety & Compliance at Summit Trucking

Solution Recipe

With long hours alone on the road away from their loved ones, drivers can be tempted to install apps like Netflix, Facebook, and various video chat applications to feel connected. When drivers are distracted it’s a significant safety concern; shifting their attention from the task at hand can quickly result in tragedy. Of course, when that distraction originates from employer-provided equipment, it exposes transportation and logistics companies to massive unnecessary risk, public relations nightmares, and potential lawsuits.

With Esper, in-cab devices are locked down to allow three driver-essential apps: Samsara, Document Scanner, and Google Drive. The home screen displays only those three options, and the Google Play Store is inaccessible so no additional downloads can be made. When it comes time to add additional applications to the devices — for fuel management, loyalty programs, etc. — that can be completed across all devices in Esper’s online console with a single change to a universal profile. Previously, if an in-cab device wasn’t functioning properly it would need to be shipped back to headquarters for troubleshooting and repair.

While a new device was being shipped back out, the driver would return to using paper logbooks — this lack of electronic monitoring meant that compliance missteps could easily go undetected. With Esper, troubleshooting can be done remotely and quickly. Devices can easily be rebooted or updated over-the-air in minutes from Esper’s online console, without any assistance necessary from the end-user in possession of the device.

In the rare instances that an issue can't be immediately resolved by someone on Summit’s tech team, Esper’s expert engineers are able to remotely access log files to determine what sort of fix might be necessary.

Beyond troubleshooting, Summit Trucking found that Esper made device setup and ongoing configuration fast and easy. Previously, provisioning a batch of 150 devices would take about 3 weeks of manual configuration. With Esper, that time was reduced to 2 days for the initial fleet of devices.


Cut provisioning

Ensured logbooks are

Eliminated rogue

Summit’s Compliance and Safety team went from spending 3 weeks provisioning devices to 2 days. Rather than waiting for hardware, Esper’s partnership with Lenovo meant that they could immediately fulfill and scale their fleet needs.

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