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Esper Manage is an Android device management platform that helps retailers deploy, manage and monitor the modern retail experience through touch-enabled devices such as kiosks, self checkout, digital signage, POS systems, customer feedback devices, and more.
It’s no secret that a key driver of success in the retail industry is creating an engaging customer experience. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, 19 out of 20 top global retail brands are stressing customer experience as a key driver for revenue growth. The modern retail industry is moving toward an “all digital” ecosystem currently driven by digital signage, smart screens, self checkout counters, and more resulting in a better customer experience. The challenge lies in full performance of these devices round-the-clock. The solution? A device management platform that is reliable, scalable and secure.

The Esper Manage solution is a cloud-based platform for Android devices that helps retailers seamlessly build, deploy, and manage retail devices with robust support for diagnosing and debugging devices in the field.
Automated and
Seamless Deployment
Lock Devices and Gain
Complete Control
Remote Control and
Set Alerts For
Device Issues

Benefits Of Esper Manage

Configure and Automate Deployment

Provision your Android-based retail devices using Esper seamlessly and with utmost security. Methodically deploy and manage all of your devices running in the field.

Lock Devices and Gain Complete Control

Need to build a truly locked down retail device or POS system? Here’s the best solution. Esper provides you fine-grained control of the system and the ability to manage and provision through the entire lifecycle of test, deployment, and support.

Remote Control and Debugging

If your retail or POS app happens to fail in the field, no problem, just fire up an Esper secure remote debugging session and resolve issues without physical intervention.

Set Alerts For Device Issues

Did your Android device just turn off? And no way of knowing it? Think again. Esper generates instant critical alerts when devices go offline, have low battery, or experience security risks.

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Esper empowers engineers, developers, and operations teams with tools crafted for company-owned Android devices. Our full stack platform covers building, deploying, managing, and maintaining - to move beyond MDM to Android DevOps.
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