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Esper exists because developers and engineers need a smart platform for Android DevOps innovation. Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices across industries and each new use case requires better software automation. We deliver operational excellence and a stable, flexible infrastructure to help you quickly deploy your application experiences at scale.

Esper’s business is about helping you take control and automating the entire Android lifecycle so that your team can focus on what matters most: Creating experiences that set your business apart.

Here's Our Story

How Esper Got Started

Every engineering project starts with infrastructure. After our CEO and Founder, Yadhu Gopalan, built the underlying infrastructure for multiple products at Microsoft and then Amazon Go, FireTV, Kindle, and Alexa, he asked, why can’t I just build this once and let everyone use it? He joined forces with former colleague, Shiv Sundar, to found Esper — both had spent decades of their careers at the intersection of hardware and software and have watched the DevOps revolution unfold. Esper’s DevOps platform incorporates the functionality cloud developers love, re-imagined for devices.

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Our Leadership & People

Esper’s Senior Leadership team has nearly 90 years of experience solving complicated enterprise device problems. 100’s of millions of devices run code we’ve personally built. We know Android and DevOps inside and out, from chip to cloud.

Yadhu has over 25 years and 35 patents in embedded systems and security. His 25-year career included roles as Chief Architect of the Windows CE and Windows Phone. At Amazon, Yadhu designed back-end solutions for the FireOS, and AWS before he owned Systems Engineering for Amazon Go. Today, Yadhu is our Chief Geek, CEO, and Co-Founder, and the visionary behind our mission to educate enterprises about DevOps for Smart Edge devices.
Shiv makes things happen, both at Esper and for our customers. He knows Android inside-and-out after running Android partnerships for Huawei. Shiv strengthened his open source and device maker relationships after managing OEM partnerships at Cyanogen and Windows Phone device commercialization for Microsoft. Shiv is always ready to help businesses achieve Secure DevOps and deliver incredible customer experiences.
Sudhir is a hands-on technologist who prides himself in building and scaling global engineering teams while delivering high-quality products for customers worldwide. He is an empathic leader who passionately cares about customer success, product quality, and engineering excellence. With over 26 years of experience, Sudhir brings a unique blend of business acumen, product innovation, development of large-scale DevOps platforms, and execution capabilities to Esper. He joins Esper from Chef, a pioneer in DevOps, where he was the global head of engineering and has held leadership roles at Intuit, Oracle, Hyperion, and ASML. 
A six-time technology start-up veteran and executive marketing leader, Emily brings growth company DNA to Esper. She’s equal parts strategic and tactical, data-driven and creative storyteller, leader and doer. Emily’s deep experience in B2B SaaS, covering verticals from cybersecurity and mobile to customer experience and adtech, has previously powered rapid revenue scaling at Rubica, Textio, and Apptentive. A strong team-builder, her contagious optimism and obsession for learning are at the heart of Esper’s culture of experimentation.
Keith is the geeky force-of-nature that drives Esper’s efforts to build a community of Android dedicated device developers and creators. He evangelizes Esper’s value to devs, Product Owners, and Chief Tech officers. Keith’s experience includes running product management for a dev tools startup that was sold to Symantec. Next, he worked at Microsoft with MSDN, CryptoAPI, Windows CE / Platform Builder, and Windows Mobile. Keith’s first programming language was BASIC on the TRS-80. He’s also shipped code for a PDP -11 at Siemens.
Chris orchestrates the product roadmap and helps our customers gain an agile advantage with Android DevOps across industries and use cases. Previously, he coached product, development, and innovation teams in executive roles at Microsoft, BNY Mellon, Eagle Investment Systems, and Caradigm. Chris has 25+ years’ experience as a champion and leader for the entire technical product and service lifecycle.
Ganesh leads Esper’s global business development efforts, focusing on strategic alliance partnerships, growing the relationships with existing partners and identifying new channels for Esper’s product offerings. He is a global leader with 30 years of experience, including 15 years pioneering new technology markets at Microsoft.  Before joining Esper, Ganesh led global business development at ioTium, a venture-funded SaaS that was recently acquired by View. There he established and grew the Channel business to a significant percentage of total sales.
Our Values

Esper's Mission

Smart, connected devices are woven into the fabric of your business. You need to manage these enterprise mobile devices. You also need to develop incredible customer experiences, secure your devices, and monitor your fleet.

Esper’s mission is honestly pretty simple. We want to empower enterprise digital transformation by providing a full stack of solutions for the Android device lifecycle.

You provide the vision for digital and mobile transformation, and we provide an Android DevOps platform. Our toolchain includes everything you need for a complete customer experience pipeline.

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Esper empowers engineers, developers, and operations teams with tools crafted for company-owned Android devices. Our full stack platform covers building, deploying, managing, and maintaining - to move beyond MDM to Android DevOps.
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