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From advanced device management and dependable software deployment to expert hardware recommendations, custom Android solutions, and mixed Android and iOS fleets, Esper is the full-stack platform you need to realize your devices’ potential.

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Next-Gen Device Management for Company-Managed Hardware

When your business relies on devices, everything needs to just work. Rudimentary device management slows growth and stunts your ability to scale quickly, so a reliable infrastructure built on automation and ease of use is crucial. The Esper platform enables you to deploy, monitor, manage, and update your devices with confidence — Android (GMS or AOSP), iOS, or a mixed fleet — from a single pane of glass.

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Esper Genesis

The evolution of MDM. Esper Genesis is a new way to look at MDM, with intelligent features to simplify device management, policy implementation, and more. 
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Esper Bridge

Device management, supercharged. Esper Bridge is your pathway to a robust, scalable, modern device fleet with powerful tools for business-critical hardware.
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Esper Architect

Break new ground with modern, cloud-native, DevOps-centric management tools like granular app deployment, precise geofencing, and advanced APIs. 
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Esper Foundation for Android

A custom Android solution for the specific needs and granular control of advanced device fleets. Built from the ground up to your standards. 
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Esper is an Android Enterprise validated Silver partner

Advanced Capabilities, Streamlined Operations

Device Management

Easily configure, deploy, manage, and monitor devices.

Key features:

  • Multiple provisioning methods
  • Kiosk and multi-app mode
  • Telemetry and reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Group management

App and Content Management

Get full command of the content and apps that run on your devices.

Key features:

  • Play Store and App Store access
  • Esper Cloud for custom apps and files
  • Granular app version control

Remote Management

Troubleshoot, access, control, and debug any device in your fleet from anywhere in the world.

Key features:

  • Remote view
  • Lock
  • Wipe
  • Reset
  • Control
  • Debug

DevOps for Device Management

Modern devices require modern management strategies. Confidently deploy, update, and secure devices using forward-thinking tools.

Key features:

  • Blueprints
  • Drift management
  • Pipelines
  • Device SDK
  • API management

OS Control

Leverage a custom enterprise-grade Android OS that gives you fine-grain control over the entire experience, from firmware to apps.

Key features:

  • Fully customized operating system
  • Branding
  • Controlled OTA updates
  • Validated security
  • Runs on x86 and ARM chipsets

Hardware Guidance Informed by Thousands of Use Cases

Building a new device fleet? Scaling your existing fleet? Need to replace hardware? Not even sure what you need? Regardless of your scenario, our hardware experts are ready to help guide you along the path. Esper’s deep expertise in both off-the-shelf and custom devices means you have the freedom to choose the right device for your business.
Combined with our powerful SDK and APIs, your developers can build truly custom business solutions — your devices, your fleet, your way.

Hardware Catalog

Our robust hardware catalog means we can give you a fast track to your ideal device fleet.
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Hardware Without Limitations

Off the shelf or full custom? You have the freedom to choose what’s right for your business.
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What Our Customers are Saying

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying about Esper. 

To support better customer and employee experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Esper is a true partner. Working with them allows us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware to use.

Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell

In hospitality, Android-based in-room tablets create a meaningful connection between the guest and the hotel, giving the guest broad contactless control over their stay. Guests can order dining, make service requests, adjust room controls, and much more with a few taps of a screen. Esper enables the INTELITY platform to globally deploy and manage devices across all of a customer’s properties regardless of size. Through Esper’s DevOps platform we can do remote installation and reduce the reliance on IT support at each hotel.

Ira Dworkin

Traditional MDMs are only built for employee device use, but we also needed a solution for the devices we’re sending to our customers — for the devices they depend on to operate their businesses every single day. Esper’s Android expertise is a game-changer. Because that expertise is at their core, they can truly provide us with a technology partnership.

Bruce Crenshaw
Director of Hardware,

Esper Across Industries


Powerful device management tools for connected medical devices, from healthcare kiosks and tablets to wearables and RPM. 
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Everything you need to manage the unique device needs of the modern retail industry. POS systems, self-checkout kiosks, digital signage, and more. 
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The future of modern restaurant experiences is in devices. From front of house to back of house, manage all your devices from a single pane of glass.
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Innovative guest experiences start with a strong digital presence. Optimize your in-room tablets, self-check-in kiosks, and more with Esper.
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Manage student tablets, kiosks, and more with a powerful suite of tools designed for the modern school’s always-on, hybrid, and remote needs.
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Connected Fitness

Immersive and connected fitness equipment are the cornerstones of modern gym experiences. Deploy, monitor, and update your equipment with ease. 
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Logistics & Transportation

All the tools you need to manage the complex device landscape of the modern supply chain, from warehouse tracking devices to in-cab tablets. 
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