Esper for IT Ops

Minimize Complexity, Maximize Control

IT teams choose Esper to make managing a device fleet feel as seamless as managing a single device with robust automation, complete remote control, and an intuitive management console. For Android, iOS, or a mixture of both.

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Device Management and Remote Control in One Place? Yep.

You need full control of your devices — not only when they’re right in front of you, but all the time. So why not integrate full remote control and software deployment into your device management console? Provision devices over the air in minutes, deploy updates on your terms (software AND operating system), debug and troubleshoot from anywhere, modify compliance policies on the fly, and more.

Tame your growing device fleet

Automate tasks to create clear, scalable processes for your growing device count.

Downtime? Never heard of it.

Use advanced telemetry to monitor devices and proactively respond before issues arise.

Your devices, your rules

Lock devices to a single app or interface, limit user access, or set up a virtual geofence? You got it.

See What Other IT Managers Have To Say About Esper!

Sean L

Esper great value for money, beating comparable competitors. We have used other MDM products and none have achieved what Esper has, for a fraction of the cost.

Sean L.
Sean L.
IT Manager, Real Estate
Sean L
Bill T.

Fantastic management platform for Android devices. The functionality is much better than the MDM/EMM solution I was using for Android.

Bill T.
Bill T.
IT Manager, Mid-Market
Bill T.
Dar A.

Esper Makes Android Management and Deployment a Breeze. Can't imagine using a different solution to manage my fleet of Android devices.

Dar A.
Dar A.
Senior IT Manager, Food & beverages
Dar A.
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Say Goodbye to Manual Processes and Hello to Automation

Streamlined device grouping

Manage all your devices in a single place. One device, groups of devices, or all your devices.

Update at will

Test updates on a single device, then stage rollouts to groups based on custom rules.

Enhanced visibility

Device vitals like status, health, and usage at a glance. Set custom alerts automated monitoring.

Avoid expensive onsite visits

View and control devices, troubleshoot issues, or generate a debugging report. From anywhere.

Device kitting made simple

Your IT teams can deploy dozens of devices in minutes instead of hours. Maybe even go home early.

Streamlined software delivery

Ensure devices boot up with the most current OS version and settings. No matter what.

Eliminate device tampering

With a hardened kiosk mode, you can lock devices down so users only access what you want.

Protect system integrity

Control when apps get added, updated, and removed — on the fly, at any time. As often as you need.

Keep devices from disappearing

Track devices in real-time and set up a virtual geofence to protect your assets.
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Control Your Devices From Anywhere, at Any Time

Forget traveling across the country (or even across town) to troubleshoot and fix a malfunctioning device. With full remote control baked into Esper’s platform, you can control the device, record the screen, retrieve logs, and more. That means you can get the job done from anywhere — the office, the coffee shop, the park, or even from bed. So go ahead, sleep in. We won’t tell. 

Only with Esper

Esper SDK

The Esper SDK was purpose built for dedicated devices that require deeper access and greater control.

EAST tool

EAST provides easy access to cloud APIs that IT admins can use to run bulk jobs that aren’t feasible in the Esper console. 

Secure Remote ADB

Perform critical tasks — install/uninstall apps, get a logcat, run adb shell — all from the comfort of your workstation. 

Strategy support

Build your device fleet your way

Watch our ‘Fleet Geek’ video series to get a comprehensive roadmap to building a dedicated device fleet.
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Deepen your device knowledge

Learn how devices are changing the world around us with the There’s a Device for That podcast.
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Get personalized guidance

Have a unique use case? Rolling out a custom device? Need to run Android on x86 hardware?
Connect with an expert

Hardware support

Get hardware that works for you

Esper is hardware agnostic, so choose the right device for your use case.
Connect with a hardware expert

Ensure hardware compatibility

We’ve validated our platform on 1,400+ devices, both off-the-shelf and custom. AOSP, GMS, iOS.
Check out Esper validated hardware

Leverage our partner ecosystem

Explore our strong partner ecosystem with brands like Intel & Lenovo. Find devices for your need.
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How much does Esper cost?

Esper offers multiple plans to fit your budget and deliver the functionality you require. Check out our pricing page for details.

What types of devices is Esper compatible with?

Esper is compatible with any dedicated device from tablets to kiosks to POS to digital signage to rugged devices. We’ve validated our platform on 1,400+ devices, both off-the-shelf and custom. Have unique requirements? Reach out to us.

What are the requirements for running Esper?

Please see our documentation page for device, browser, and firewall requirements for running Esper.

Is Esper secure?

Esper has validated compliance and security with certifications  from ISO27001 to SOC-II. Rest assured your hardware, firmware, and apps will be protected to the standards of top industry frameworks. Get more details here.

Is remote viewer included with Esper?

Yes, remote control capabilities are included with each Esper pricing plan. Please see our pricing page for more details on what’s included in each plan.