Organized Device Management is Scalable Device Management

Endless possibilities, simple administration

Big device fleets need tools that are made to scale. With Esper’s granular device grouping, you can organize your devices in a way that makes sense for you — by hardware, location, OS, or anything else you can think of. Then manage your entire device fleet — or just parts of it — from a single location. 

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What is Device Grouping?

Since managing device fleets gets more difficult as the device count grows, it’s helpful if you can think of multiple devices as one cohesive unit. Rather than hosting thousands of devices in a single inventory, creating groups simplifies fleet management through the creation of smaller collections of device configurations and content.

How you group devices is dependent on your unique needs. Common ways to group devices are by location, device type or functionality, or common configuration. You can also create sub-group hierarchies (e.g., a device type group within a location group) for more granular control of devices within a group.

Device Grouping

What Can You Do with Device Grouping?

Organize devices in a way that makes sense for your business

Push software deployments in stages and groups

Manage devices and change configurations at scale

Tend to your fleet as a whole, by device groups, or individually

Why is Device Grouping Crucial for Large-Scale Fleets?

Managing a large-scale device fleet isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re simultaneously managing devices of different types, functions, and configurations as if they were a synchronized unit. And the bigger your device fleet, the bigger the risk if things go wrong. 

Without device grouping, when you apply changes to one device, you apply them to all your devices. Let’s say you’re pushing an update — without grouping you have to make a blanket change. What if the update isn’t compatible with certain devices? What if there’s an issue with the update? Too bad.

Grouping gives you a safety net. You can finely control the consequences of a single action, both positively and negatively. Push an app to a small group of devices. If the update fails, those devices are the only ones temporarily affected. Smaller blast radius, smaller problem for you to solve.

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The Benefits of Esper's Device Grouping

Device grouping is a valuable tool with a number of benefits that can improve the efficiency of managing large scale device fleets, including:

Higher productivity: Categorize your devices any way you want, then manage your entire fleet from a single location

Reduced complexity: Manage your fleet as a cohesive unit regardless of device type, function, or configuration 

Minimized risks: Prevent issues from affecting your entire fleet by starting updates on smaller groups of devices, then scaling

Increased control: Perform commands, app installs, updates, and more on your terms, to only the devices you choose

The Benefits of Esper's Device Grouping

Device grouping is a valuable tool with a number of benefits that can improve the efficiency of managing large scale device fleets, including:

Spire Health uses remote control to debug issues on their patients’ devices, enabling them to help non-tech-savvy users without needing to be in the same room. 

Teach for India uses remote access so teachers can see what students are working on and help them with assignments. Remote control also comes in handy for device troubleshooting. 

Quick service restaurant chains use remote control so they don’t have to send an IT tech out to the field. What used to take days to fix can now be done in hours or even minutes, saving significant time and money.

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What Esper Customers Say

Esper is an indispensable tool for managing our devices. It allows us to effectively manage our devices both individually and as a cohesive unit.

Sejun Park
Head of Hardware at Snackpass

As a service provider, we value Esper's ability to manage everything at the device level or group level (department/customer) and stagger updates to ensure that devices don't go down during critical hours.

John L
Strategic Technologist

Device Management Isn't All or Nothing

Your devices probably aren't all in one place or aren't all the same type. So why use a device management platform that treats them like they are? Sign up for a trial and find out how device grouping changes the management game.


What is device grouping?

Device grouping is a way to organize your devices to make them easier to manage.

What are the different ways I can group my devices with Esper?

You can group your devices any way you can think of — device type, hardware, device location, OS version, and more.

How many subgroups can I create with Esper?

You can create 5 subgroups nested within a parent group. 

Can I include different device types within the same group?

Yes. A device group can include different device types within it.