Building a custom Android solution is hard. Esper Foundation makes it easy.

Esper Foundation for Android is the leading enterprise solution for custom Android builds on dedicated devices. Regardless of whether your hardware is running ARM or x86 chipsets, Foundation is the most flexible, robust, and secure option you can get. It’s the power and versatility of Android, customized and optimized for your purpose-built devices. If you can dream it, you can do it with Foundation. 
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The flexibility you need to power the experiences you want

Esper Foundation for Android is a customized version of the Android operating system designed specifically for creating custom experiences. It’s based on AOSP (the Android Open Source Project) and is made for all your devices, regardless of form factor. Mobile, stationary, wearable, embedded, in-vehicle, and even headless devices can use Foundation to unlock previously inaccessible innovations by removing the limitations found in off-the-shelf Android devices.

Full control allows you to completely customize the device lifecycle from deployment to user experience, while sophisticated over-the-air updateability ensures your devices are always up-to-date with the latest features and security patches. What that means for you is a device experience as you’ve never imagined — for you, your IT team, and your users.

It’s your hardware. It should work the way you want.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “why can’t I…” when trying to build your ideal customer experience or make your hardware work in a specific way, Foundation is the answer. It lifts the roadblocks of off-the-shelf software and helps you fully realize your vision. 

Seamless provisioning

What if your devices could provision themselves? Just open the box, power it up, and boom — it sets itself up to your exact specifications. That’s a reality with Seamless Provisioning on Esper Foundation for Android. 

Custom boot animations

Custom devices deserve truly custom solutions. And nothing screams “custom” like showing off your brand when a device boots. That’s how you flex on ‘em. 

Fully managed system updates

System updates are absolutely critical for device security. But when you’re not in control of the software, updates could show up at inopportune moments — or worse, not at all. With Foundation, those problems don’t exist. 

Dual booting

If legacy software is holding you back from truly innovating your device solutions, Foundation is the way forward. With our custom solution, you can dual boot Foundation with other operating systems. Win-win. Win. 

Granular USB accessory permissions

If you rely on USB accessories like printers or barcode scanners but don’t want to give blanket approvals for all USB accessories, Foundation’s granular USB permission is just what you’ve been looking for. 

Unbreakable Security

Your devices are more than just pieces of hardware — they house the data that powers your business. If unbreakable security is important to you, Foundation is the key to protecting your company’s most important info. 

For all your devices — ARM or x86 

Maybe you’re building a device fleet from scratch. More likely, you already have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices. Either way, Foundation is the solution to your quandary — whether you’re looking to build a custom set of ARM devices or repurpose some outdated x86 hardware (or both!) Foundation can turn your dreams into realities. 

Foundation for ARM

If you have tablets, phones, or other similar hardware, then it likely runs an ARM chipset, which are typically locked down for consumer use. Foundation is the solution to unlocking it. 

Foundation for x86

Many POS systems, kiosks, and digital signage run on x86 processors. These chipsets generally rely on operating systems that are cumbersome and challenging to manage. Esper Foundation for Android can streamline, optimize, and breathe new life into your current hardware. 

Foundation Partner Program

Are you a hardware OEM or reseller? Our Foundation partnership program can supercharge your device offerings. 

Foundation unlocks inaccessible innovations

"To support team members and customer experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Using Esper Foundation for Android (x86), we were able to keep our current hardware including peripherals. Esper was a true partner. Working with them allowed us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware we want to use."

Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell

"Esper helped us launch our Fusion connected fitness offering on three different types of hardware in less than six months. Their full stack connected fitness Android platform helped us test our application on different hardware platforms, configure all our devices over the cloud, and manage our fleet exactly to our specifications. They gave us speed, Android expertise, and trust that our application would provide a delightful experience for our customers."

Chris Merli
Founder at Inspire Fitness

"Traditional MDMs are only built for employee device use, but we also needed a solution for the devices we’re sending to our customers — for the devices they depend on to operate their businesses every single day. Esper’s Android expertise is a game-changer. Because that expertise is at their core, they can truly provide us with a technology partnership."

Bruce Crenshaw
Director of Hardware, Ordermark
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