Building an Android fleet is hard. Esper Foundation for Android makes it easy.

Esper Foundation is the leading commercial Android build for x86 and ARM hardware. Whether you're starting with bare metal or already managing an Android device fleet in the hundreds or thousands, Foundation is ready to meet you at your scale and your needs.
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Leading brands rely on Esper Foundation to drive digital transformation

Foundation gives you the freedom to leverage the full power of Android’s massive hardware ecosystem by applying our modern DevOps approach to device management and operations.

Truly touchless provisioning. System updates. Security patches. Virtual machines. Dual Boot. Fully remote access. This isn’t an executive wish list, it’s Esper Foundation. Our highly adaptable architecture and optional extended update support are unmatched. This is what a no-compromise device solution looks like.

Foundation for ARM devices

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Foundation unlocks inaccessible innovations

"To support team members and customer experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Using Esper Foundation for Android (x86), we were able to keep our current hardware including peripherals. Esper was a true partner. Working with them allowed us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware we want to use."

Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell

"Esper helped us launch our Fusion connected fitness offering on three different types of hardware in less than six months. Their full stack connected fitness Android platform helped us test our application on different hardware platforms, configure all our devices over the cloud, and manage our fleet exactly to our specifications. They gave us speed, Android expertise, and trust that our application would provide a delightful experience for our customers."

Chris Merli
Founder at Inspire Fitness

"Traditional MDMs are only built for employee device use, but we also needed a solution for the devices we’re sending to our customers — for the devices they depend on to operate their businesses every single day. Esper’s Android expertise is a game-changer. Because that expertise is at their core, they can truly provide us with a technology partnership."

Bruce Crenshaw
Director of Hardware, Ordermark
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What makes Esper Foundation special

Foundation was built for your fleet. ARM, x86, mobile, stationary, wearable, embedded, in-vehicle, and even headless devices can use Foundation to unlock previously inaccessible innovations. Sophisticated over the air updateability is just the beginning – get deep control over your complete device lifecycle from deployment to end user experience, and everywhere in between.

Deep developer tooling 

Cloud API, Device SDK, Python, CLI, and Android Studio integration

Agile staging

Change the preferred configuration at any point before first boot when deploying

Seamless provisioning 

Devices are shipped set up and ready to enroll with no-touch provisioning

Telemetry service

Access CPU usage data,
thermal data, and system resource usage

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