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Do you want to increase sales, expand into new markets, enter the edge device space, and grow your customer base? Join the Elevate partner program and sell Esper, the next-gen MDM solution for company owned and managed devices. Boost your revenue by integrating Esper into your portfolio.
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Next-Gen Device Management for Company Managed Hardware

An easy-to-use, end-to-end MDM solution with powerful cloud tools for device deployment and application management.
Deep device expertise spanning a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Android, iOS, and Linux (coming soon).
An enterprise-grade MDM platform built for any industry — healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, logistics and beyond.

Why Sell Esper Device Management?

Rudimentary device management slows growth and stunts your customers' ability to scale quickly, so a reliable infrastructure built on automation and ease of use is crucial. The Esper platform enables them to deploy, monitor, manage, and update their devices with confidence — all from a single pane of glass.

Esper MDM works on over 1400 device types across a range of form factors, with more added every day.

Esper is multi OS — Android (GMS or AOSP), iOS, Linux (coming soon), or a mixed fleet of all three. All in one place.

Esper has an intuitive console UI that customers LOVE. It's easy to learn but incredibly powerful.

Esper offers in-house technical expertise on operating systems, hardware selection, and more.

Esper MDM is extremely customizable. It caters to diverse user preferences and use cases across a range of industries.

Esper is a very reliable MDM solution, and well-maintained devices build trust and customer confidence.

How Esper Can Help You Grow

We not only make it as easy as possible for our partners to resell Esper but also make sure they are incentivized and rewarded properly. Here are a few of the benefits of selling Esper:

Higher ROI on
bundled solutions

Esper offers bulk discounts (25%-40%) that scales according to partner tier and deal size.

partner support

Esper provides comprehensive training and tailored marketing strategies for mutual growth.

The resources you
need to be successful

Esper prioritizes its partners’ needs and provides your teams with sales, marketing, and enablement assets.

partner portal

Every partner can access our partner portal for deal registration, easy tracking, and sales support.

Join Esper Elevate

Advanced Features of Next-Gen MDM

  • Flexible provisioning
  • Secure remote viewer, diagnostic tools, and debugging
  • Advanced telemetry data and alerts
  • Robust, unbreakable kiosk mode
  • Reliable, staged software rollouts
  • Easy-to-deploy updates and security patches
  • Scalable, versatile device configuration blueprints for device fleets of all sizes

We Bring a Proven GTM Strategy to the Table

But what happens after we partner? Esper ensures the success of our partners with a combination of enablement, marketing, and sales support. This is encompassed in our extensive catalog of go-to-market strategies and activities.

Sales support

We help your sales team with joint calling sessions, product demos, and even joint POC offerings.

Technical support 

Technical support and assistance from Esper’s experts. Pre-sales consultations, technical training, and more.

Marketing support

Esper’s marketing team can work with you on landing pages, email campaigns, webinars, device pages, and more.

Engaging enablement

Training on how Esper helps solve business-critical problems and why the partnership benefits all parties involved.

Lead sharing

Our lead sharing program is designed to offer warm leads to our partners for joint selling.

We Strive to Meet Your Customers’ Needs, Regardless of the Device or Industry

What Our Partners Have To Say

Esper is our key partner for Android on x86 devices. With Esper, we were able to increase our customer’s portfolio of offerings which make use of native Android or Celadon for applications that require workload consolidation. Esper’s Android for x86 devices allowed our customers to take advantage of their platform for Retail POS, digital signage, kiosks, and dedicated devices.

Shailesh Chaudhry
GM, Consumer Industries,
Network and Edge Compute Group.

Lenovo is committed to nurturing an open ecosystem that encourages third-party developers to create software for its devices at scale – together. Esper and Lenovo are providing the infrastructure plus ongoing support needed to innovate in the Android edge space. With proprietary features like real-time telemetry and seamless provisioning, organizations across industries can rely on Esper to provide cutting-edge solutions that are flexible enough to grow with scaling enterprise fleets.

Tony Chen
VP of Lenovo’s Android Tablet Business, Intelligent Devices Group

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