Elevate Your Technology Strategy with Esper and MicroTouch — We’re Better Together

Unify MicroTouch’s powerful hardware solutions with Esper’s next-gen device management and robust software delivery for a transformative impact on your technology strategy. Experience a comprehensive device solution where hardware, software, and device management all work in harmony.

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Advanced Touch Displays for Incomparable Device Experiences

MicroTouch, a global leader in capacitive touch solutions, brings over 40 years as an innovator in touch technology with more than 50 million touchscreen installations in 80 countries worldwide and over 100 patents.

Esper and MicroTouch: Better Together

By bolstering your device fleet with Esper-enabled MicroTouch devices, you are unlocking its full potential. The partnership between our two companies offers a unique and one-of-a-kind experience right out of the box. Every MicroTouch device comes pre-loaded with Esper Seamless Provisioning — an industry-leading, truly touchless provisioning method that is so simple it feels like magic (spoiler: it really kind of is).

Best-in-class software

Esper's next-gen device management reduces TCO and boosts ROI with capabilities to remotely deploy, secure, and manage MicroTouch devices.

Enterprise-grade Android OS

Esper's custom Android build is tailor-made for dedicated devices like POS, mPOS, and kiosks. It's highly customizable, and enterprise-grade support keeps the systems always up to date and always secure.

Best-in-class hardware

MicroTouch's touch solutions are second to none, enhancing your device experiences.

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Key Benefits of Esper + MicroTouch

Bringing you the best of both worlds —custom ultra-high speed touch displays and monitors with an advanced MDM.

Deploy devices with ease

Choose from several device provisioning options to fit your needs, including Seamless Provisioning to automatically provision to the right configuration settings on boot-up.

Reduce and resolve field failures remotely

Monitor the health of all your devices and apps from a single pane of glass, trigger alerts, and deploy updates remotely, avoiding device downtime and increasing performance.

Reduce operating costs

Automate tasks with confidence to manage your devices at scale, including using kiosk mode, geofencing, and pipelines to deploy software to a single device, group of devices, or the entire fleet.

What MicroTouch Has to Say

MicroTouch is excited to partner and engage with Esper. Their unmatched reach in this channel allows us to better serve the growing need for MDM solutions in traditional and expanding vertical markets. We look forward to working closely with Esper and providing its vast customer base with interactive touch solutions.

John Dixon,
Vice President of Business Solutions, Microtouch

Stylish, Purposeful Design Meets Secure Hardware


Key features:

  • Low power consumption and high-performance computing into one integrated PC.
  • From POS to an exposed kiosk, self-service to point of information, this product offers peripherals to support – MSR and Camera Module Kit, a wide range of applications, making it a perfect form – fit – function solution for a variety of applications.
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Key features:

  • The CPU’s performance combined with the ultra-slim aesthetic works well in any environment.
  • Perfect form–fit–function solution for a variety of applications.
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Our Shared Vision

The shared vision of Esper and MicroTouch revolves around creating a transformative impact on technology strategy by unifying powerful hardware solutions with advanced device management and robust software delivery.

  • Unified solution: The vision is to create a cohesive ecosystem where the hardware and software components complement each other. Lightning quick touch experience with unified hardware and software solutions for a truly unique offering.
  • Optimized device experience: The goal is to optimize the management of MicroTouch's powerful hardware, ensuring efficient monitoring, control, and updates to enhance overall device performance and reliability.
  • Robust software delivery: The collaboration emphasizes robust software delivery, ensuring that applications and software updates are delivered consistently and reliably to MicroTouch hardware. This approach contributes to reduced downtime, enhanced security, and devices updated with the latest features and improvements.

Tailored Solutions for Various Industries

Restaurants and hospitality

Superior performance and user experience for hotels, restaurants, theatres, casinos, and more.


Medical-grade, high-performance touchscreen monitors providing a seamless interface.


Outstanding hardware with enterprise-grade MDM for point of sale systems and touch monitors.


Solutions meeting fitness hardware challenges and application requirements.

Ready to Take Your Devices to the Next Level?

Device lock-in, poor performing hardware, and incompatibility issues with your MDM are all frustrations that slow you down. With Esper and MicroTouch's full stack solution, say goodbye to all those issues.

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