Revolutionize Your Device Management with Esper

Manage smarter, not harder.
If you think all device management is the same, think again. Not all devices are created equal, and your management platform should acknowledge that. We built our feature set around that philosophy — everyone has different needs. We don’t just do things differently but offer fundamentally different tools that solve highly complex problems and build on the meaningful experiences that exemplify the difference between “good” and “great.” If you want more flexibility and control over managing your devices, Esper is almost certainly the solution.
Esper device management features
Esper's hardened kiosk mode feature

Esper’s Hardened, Robust, and Virtually Unbreakable Kiosk Mode

Ensuring your hardware is always on-brand with your ideal experience front and center is paramount. The best way to do this is with kiosk mode (yes, even if your devices aren’t kiosks!), which essentially locks the device down to only the app or interface you specify. Our kiosk mode is virtually unbreakable, so you can rest assured that the experience you want is the experience they’ll get.
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Troubleshoot, Debug, Access, and Control Your Devices from Anywhere with Full Remote Access

When’s the last time you had to send someone across town (or worse, across the country) to debug a faulty device? Or had to talk to an onsite employee through generating a log? What if you could do all those things and more without leaving your desk? That’s what Remote Control on Esper is all about — complete control of the device so you can troubleshoot issues from anywhere.
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Troubleshoot and debug devices using Esper
Esper Pipelines, API and SDK

Configure, Manage, and Update Devices in Real-Time, at Scale

Take device configuration to the next level with Blueprints. This is the most effective way to manage devices with predictable, repeatable, and scalable results. With Blueprints, you define the desired state for your hardware, including settings like screen brightness, Wi-Fi settings, and on-device apps and content, and let our system take it from there. You can change settings, apply a blueprint at scale, or even change the purpose of a device on the fly — no reboot required. Blueprints is the future of device management. 
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Advanced Software Deployment Tools So You Can Update When and How You Need to

Getting apps and system updates to your devices has always been challenging. Well, before Esper, anyway. With Pipelines, you have total control over your software deployments — we’re talking granular control on all devices and app versions. You also get control of when these updates hit. No more staying up until 2:00 AM to babysit deployments. Sleep well, friends.
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Esper Pipelines for software deployment to devices
Esper device management dashboard

All the Info You Could Ever Need in a Single Dashboard

Device status monitoring is difficult, especially if you have to bounce around different screens to get a simple update. How about a single dashboard that shows everything you need? Our console makes it easy. Esper even lets you manage by exception with custom device alerts. So it’s all the data you need and more granular ways to use it. Win-win? Win-win.
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Compatibility With the Provisioning Methods That Work for You

As the old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to provision a device.” You might have a preferred method — something that works well for your company, is scalable, and makes sense. The odds are that Esper supports it, so the learning curve is non-existent.
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Provisioning a device using Esper
Geofencing for devices

Never Lose a Device Again with Geofencing

We don’t have to tell you that digital assets have a way of “walking off.” Sure, you can probably track them and even remotely lock or wipe them when you realize they’re missing. But what if you could do all of that automatically? That’s what geofencing is all about. It’s just one more way Esper helps you secure your devices and all the information on them. You’re welcome.
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Enterprise-Grade Android Solutions at Your Fingertips

You probably have custom apps, but those only go so far. If you’ve always wanted to build a totally custom solution but didn’t know where to start, a custom AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build is the answer. AOSP is flexible, infinitely customizable, and highly scalable. And lucky for you, we’re experts at building custom Android builds. Time to turn those dreams into realities.
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AOSP device management