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Innovate Rapidly. Maximize ROI.

Esper drives productivity, increases efficiency, and reduces device management OpEx. Whether you have Android devices, iOS devices, or a mix of both, Esper is the solution to optimize you device fleet management strategy.

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Rapid Innovation at Scale Doesn’t Have To Be a Headache

Device management bottlenecks are real — manual processes hinder productivity, slowing innovation and giving your competitors time to move ahead. It’s time to kick manual MDM processes to the curb. Say hello to agility like you’ve never known.

Stand out from the crowd

Deliver new digital experiences and solutions faster for your customers.

Scale without fear

Choose a device management solution that will work with your hardware now and in the future.

Max ROI, min cost

Use automation and telemetry to optimize resource allocation for improved ROI & productivity.

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Esper enables the INTELITY platform to globally deploy and manage devices across all of a customer's properties regardless of size.

Ira Dworkin
Ira Dworkin
CTO, Intelity

Esper is a true partner. Working with them allows us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware to use.

Mas Yoshida
Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell
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Device Management That Actually Makes Your IT Team’s Life Easier

Granular device control

Easily group devices to improve organization and manage your entire device fleet all in one place.

Improve visibility, gain insights

Quickly and easily check device vitals like status, health, battery, and usage. All in a single dashboard.

Debug devices from anywhere

Remotely control and debug your system in real-time from pretty much anywhere.

Device kitting made simple

Your IT teams can deploy dozens of devices in minutes instead of hours. Maybe even go home early.

Replace manual processes

Schedule routine tasks like reboots and app updates. All on your time so you can set it and forget it.

Accelerate software updates

Your device teams can update app and device configurations at will using staged rollouts.

Optimize device security

Set security and device policies that align with your company’s cybersecurity needs.

Eliminate device tampering

With a hardened kiosk mode, you can lock devices down so users only access what you want.

Protect system integrity

Control when apps get added, updated, and removed — on the fly, at any time. As often as you need.
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Your Solution for Software, Hardware, and Everything in Between

Esper’s platform is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of dedicated devices like tablets, kiosks, POS systems, and more. Whether Android or iOS, we’ve enabled mission-critical devices for leading businesses worldwide. Regardless of your use case of device count, we’re game. And when you’re ready to scale, our device partners are, too.

Only with Esper

Esper SDK

The Esper SDK was purpose built for dedicated devices that require deeper access and greater control.

EAST tool

EAST provides easy access to cloud APIs that IT admins can use to run bulk jobs that aren’t feasible in the Esper console. 

Secure Remote ADB

Perform critical tasks — install/uninstall apps, get a logcat, run adb shell — all from the comfort of your workstation. 

Strategy Support

Build your device fleet your way

Watch our ‘Fleet Geek’ video series to get a comprehensive roadmap to building a dedicated device fleet.
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Deepen your device knowledge

Learn how devices are changing the world around us with the There’s a Device for That podcast.
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Get personalized guidance

Have a unique use case? Rolling out a custom device? Need to run Android on x86 hardware?
Connect with an expert

Hardware Support

Get hardware that works for you

Esper is hardware agnostic, so choose the right device for your use case.
Connect with a hardware expert

Ensure hardware compatibility

We’ve validated our platform on 1,400+ devices, both off-the-shelf and custom. AOSP, GMS, iOS.
Check out Esper validated hardware

Leverage our partner ecosystem

Explore our strong partner ecosystem with brands like Intel & Lenovo. Find devices for your need.
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What are the benefits of using Android OS for dedicated devices?

Based on our experience, Android is more cost-effective, adaptable, and easy to use than any other OS platform, and it’s often the key to defining a successful dedicated device strategy. Read more about Android for dedicated devices on our blog, Why Android is the Goldilocks standard for dedicated device fleets.

What are the requirements for running Esper?

Please see our documentation page for device, browser, and firewall requirements for running Esper.

What version of Android does Esper support?

Esper supports AOSP and GMS Android devices running version 5.0 and above. 

How much does Esper cost?

Esper offers multiple plans to fit your budget and deliver the functionality you require. Check out our pricing page for details.