Esper for Developers

Build, Test, and Deploy with Unparalleled Control

Discover how you can benefit from specialized, code-driven tooling for faster builds and confident deployments to all your devices — Android, iOS, or a mix of both.

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A Better Way to Manage Apps and Devices

Whether you're a cloud expert, DevOps engineer, or OS developer, you need a platform that lets you automate workflows and add new capabilities with ease. Tools that give you unparalleled control over your entire development process, so you can implement critical functionality at scale without breaking a sweat. Good news: Esper is that platform.

Repetitive tasks? Automate ‘em.

With Esper, you can automate routine processes so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Push updates on your schedule

With Esper Pipelines, you can schedule updates and push them out by groups. On your schedule.

By developers for developers

Esper was founded on DevOps principles by seasoned developers, so you’ll have the tools you need.

See What Other Developers Have to Say About Esper!

Intellity for Dev

Through Esper's DevOps platform we can do remote installation and reduce the reliance on IT support at each hotel.

Ira Dworkin
Ira Dworkin
CTO, Intelity
Intellity for Dev
SpireHealth CaseStudy

Leveraging Esper’s Device SDK API, Spire Health avoided otherwise necessary and extensive work to their cloud code and successfully scaled from pre-launch to 1000s of devices in the field.

SpireHealth CaseStudy
Martin House Brewing Company

Fast, clean and effective. I like having the API for doing periodic reporting, and in the future I see integrating with it to automate tasks.

Matthew Wedemeier
Matthew Wedemeier
Automation and Controls Engineer, Martin House Brewing Company
Martin House Brewing Company
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Truly Seamless Software Deployments

Remove bottlenecks

Develop, test, and deploy apps for all Android form factors inside of a Div block.

Deploy with precision

If the thought of seamless and precise app deployment gives you chills, you’re in the right place.

Simplify execution

The Esper SDK for Python is your gateway to the advanced control you’ve always dreamed of.

Streamline app testing

Install APKs on your test devices in stages to ensure a flawless rollout from start to finish.

Quit provisioning test devices

Our Virtual Device Lab lets you test app updates without provisioning a single device.

Target custom hardware

Test the custom hardware of your dreams with our custom emulator. Get it right before you build.

Update without fear

Test updates on a single device, then stage rollouts to groups based on custom rules.

Click less, CLI more

With the Esper CLI, you can do everything directly from your keyboard and the command line.

Manage apps with ease

Build a single library of apps and app versions. Upload, apply, remove, and delete as needed.
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Developers are the Lifeblood of Device Maintenance

Managing dedicated devices isn’t the same as managing other devices. You need specialized tools tailor-made for their needs, automated tooling to simplify routine tasks, and staged app or update rollouts to ensure maximum stability across devices. Esper is all about that and more.

Only with Esper

Esper SDK

The Esper SDK was purpose built for dedicated devices that require deeper access and greater control.

EAST tool

EAST provides easy access to cloud APIs that IT admins can use to run bulk jobs that aren’t feasible in the Esper console. 

Secure Remote ADB

Perform critical tasks — install/uninstall apps, get a logcat, run adb shell — all from the comfort of your workstation. 

Strategy support

Build your device fleet your way

Watch our ‘Fleet Geek’ video series to get a comprehensive roadmap to building a dedicated device fleet.
Watch now

Deepen your device knowledge

Learn how devices are changing the world around us with the There’s a Device for That podcast.
Listen now

Get personalized guidance

Have a unique use case? Rolling out a custom device? Need to run Android on x86 hardware?
Connect with an expert

Hardware support

Get hardware that works for you

Esper is hardware agnostic, so choose the right device for your use case.
Connect with a hardware expert

Ensure hardware compatibility

We’ve validated our platform on 1,400+ devices, both off-the-shelf and custom. AOSP, GMS, iOS.
Check out Esper validated hardware

Leverage our partner ecosystem

Explore our strong partner ecosystem with brands like Intel & Lenovo. Find devices for your need.
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What version of Android does Esper support?

Esper supports AOSP and GMS Android devices running version 5.0 and above. 

Can I integrate Esper with Android Studio?

Yes! With Esper’s Android Studio plugin, you can use Esper APIs, SDK, or CLI directly from Android Studio terminal to provision devices, upload APKs, and more. 

Does Esper work with SSO?

Yes. You can use SSO with support for SAML and OIDC. 

Can I use ADB with my devices on Esper?

Certainly! Not only can you use ADB locally, but we support Secure Remote ADB so you can have ADB access to your devices from anywhere. You can learn more about Secure Remote ADB on our Help Center.

Can I use the command line to control my devices on Esper?

Absolutely. WIth the Esper CLI, you can hook into Esper API services for deep control of your devices. You can read more about the Esper CLI here