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Intel Creates the World-Changing Technology that Puts the Silicon in Silicon Valley

For more than 50 years, Intel has had a profound influence on the world, driving business and society forward with radical innovation that revolutionizes the way we live.  

Now, they’re applying that reach, scale, and resourcing to enable customers to do more than ever the power of digital technology.

Esper + Intel: World-Class Hardware Combined with the Most Intuitive MDM on the Market

See what’s possible with a collaborative solution from Esper and Intel. Seamlessly transition your current devices to an enterprise-grade Android operating system — we’re talking about installation options on bare metal, virtual machine, or even multi-boot, allowing you to make significant hardware decisions at your own pace.

Increased agility

Seamless provisioning and DevOps tools for faster release cycles, quicker updates, and dynamic changes.

Operational efficiency

An easy-to-use interface and enterprise-grade functionality, including kiosk mode, remote monitoring and control, staged OTA updates, and more.

Deeper integrations

Third party integrations make the platform more secure, dynamic, and, ultimately, of greater value to enterprises.

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Key Reasons To Use Intel With Esper

Esper Foundation running on Intel

Esper Foundation for Android is primed for retail point of sale (POS), digital signage, and kiosk applications on Intel devices. Experience seamless compatibility as Esper supports Android across all Intel chipsets and form factors.

Peace of mind for the security-minded

Intel products undergo meticulous design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes, incorporating the industry’s leading security practices. Esper Foundation ensures ongoing security of your equipment with regular security patches.

Fleet management made easy

Intel pioneers the design and manufacturing of essential technology for an interconnected world. In collaboration, Esper and Intel can achieve large-scale fleet automation, fostering innovative device capabilities.

What Intel Has To Say

Esper is our key partner for Android on x86 devices. With Esper, we were able to increase our customer's portfolio of offerings which make use of native Android or Celadon for applications that require workload consolidation. Esper’s Android for x86 devices allowed our customers to take advantage of their platform for Retail POS, digital signage, kiosks, and dedicated devices.

Shailesh Chaudhry
GM, Consumer Industries, Network and Edge Compute Group

Esper-Enabled Intel Devices

Everglades by SimplyNUC, powered by the Intel® Celeron® J4125 processor and Intel® UHD Graphics.

Key features:

  • Customizable set up
  • Fanless and rugged build
  • Multi-peripheral versatility
  • Compact and lightweight
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Our Shared Vision

  • Security assurance: Both Esper and Intel share a commitment to security. Intel's meticulous design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes, combined with Esper's ongoing security measures, aim to provide peace of mind for security-minded users. This includes the regular delivery of security patches to ensure the ongoing security of the equipment.
  • Seamless compatibility: Esper and Intel aim to ensure seamless compatibility between Esper's next-gen platform and Android running on Intel devices. The goal is to support Android across all Intel chipsets and form factors, creating a smooth and cohesive experience for users in various applications.
  • Efficient deployment and management: The shared goal involves streamlining the deployment and management of Intel hardware on a large scale through Esper's next-gen device management platform. This efficiency extends to retail POS, digital signage, and kiosk applications, simplifying the operational aspects of device infrastructure.

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Unlock the Power of Esper + Intel

Whether you’re a business leader, IT professional, or developer, our partnership with Intel empowers you to maximize your device fleet’s potential. When you’re ready to take your device experience to the next level, hit us up and let’s get started. We’re ready when you are.

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