Join a Great Team That Puts People First

The mission is simple: Esper powers exceptional device experiences. How we get there, however, depends on you. We’re looking for smart, passionate people who want to help build the future. We can’t do it alone, and honestly, we don’t want to try. 
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Working at Esper means daily growth opportunities through collaborating and sharing successes with passionate, talented colleagues. Solving complex challenges that lead to real impact for our customers is an endlessly rewarding experience!
Reed Giovannetti
Account Manager
At Esper, we are customer obsession nerds. We geek out on creating amazing customer experience for our clients — it’s our passion.
Ankit Gupta
Director, Engineering
I'm surrounded by incredibly smart, thoughtful people who I get to innovate with. No two days look the same and I'm energized by the challenge of building a new category.
Neha Sanjay
Sr. Director of Marketing
It's refreshing how much ownership and authenticity we have in our responsibilities. We share kudos daily to highlight each other's amazing moments so we can all genuinely celebrate together.
Sarah Gray
IT Manager

Our Core Values

Fiercely Collaborative

We are a global team that is stronger when we work together. We are hands-on, willing to pitch in, and take pride in helping each other succeed regardless of department or office location. We assume good intent without blame and celebrate our successes and the learnings from our mistakes. We trust each other to get work done and are never afraid to ask for help when needed.

Build Trust

We strive for open, honest, and transparent communication and camaraderie with our colleagues, customers, partners, and prospects. We listen to understand and respect differences of opinion. We follow through on our commitments, and our actions provide a safe environment where feedback can be provided and acted upon to make Esper even better.

Get Shit Done #GSD

We get shit done and proactively solve problems at the individual and team levels. We are goal-oriented, aim to get to the core of the issue versus solving the presenting problem, and do it all as a team. When we see a need, we immediately work to address it, even if it’s outside of our scope. We operate in the best interest of Esper, our customers, and each other with a keen eye on efficiency. 

Innovate Experiment and Learn

We are creative, have big ideas, experiment, test, and iterate. Our curiosity drives us to take calculated risks that push us past our comfort zone, driving innovation forward. We take risks and understand that there will be failures, but these are celebrated as they fuel our desire to learn and improve. We hold ourselves accountable, and we encourage and support our teammates.

Committed to Customers

When our customers are successful, we are successful. We are industry leaders and visionaries with deep technical expertise who intrinsically understand the needs of our customers. We collaboratively innovate with our customers to determine the best solution for their challenges today while equipping them to grow for tomorrow.

Awards and Recognition

What Makes Us, Us

Love What You Do

At Esper, we want you to excel in everything you do — personally and professionally. We are proud of our supportive, empathetic culture that will help you grow every day. We’re here to support each other in every way possible.

Constant Improvement is Part of Who We Are

In the DevOps software development philosophy, there’s a concept called “Continuous Improvement.” We think this goes well beyond software and have baked it in as a foundational concept at Esper. We never stop getting better.

Work With the Best People

We don’t hire just anyone at Esper — we want the best people for the job. We are an inclusive, forward-thinking company where everyone’s encouraged to be who they are and work in an environment where they can thrive. 

Our Commitment to DEIB

At Esper, our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) begins with hiring and is woven into how we operate as a company. We prioritize hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and those from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. We look for potential rather than just what’s on a resume.

We utilize equitable compensation practices like salary bands and leveling. We are committed to providing growth opportunities and a strategic career path for each employee, with manager and individual contributor-focused tracks. Our goal is for every person to have the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential in an environment where everyone feels supported, and every idea is welcomed in our conversations. #NoBadIdeas

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