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Grow your business with Esper. Pair your hardware solutions with Esper’s premier dedicated device platform to power your customers’ digital experiences at scale.
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Esper Partner Program details

Together, we help your customers succeed with our Android expertise, marketing and sales support, partner tools, and joint product solutions for hardware.

OEM partnership

You focus on hardware, leave the rest to us. Esper’s enterprise class, commercial grade platform provides security, reliability and availability. By integrating Esper’s product and services, our OEM partners accelerate and increase their sales because they now have:
  • An out-of-the-box full stack solution offering, including the only enterprise-grade Android DevOps platform available (both GMS and AOSP)
  • An extension to the market viability of existing x86 and ARM hardware
  • A fully customizable Android OS for enterprise devices delivering improved performance, faster deployment, and remote debugging 

Our partners

Being an Esper OEM partner gives you and your sales organizations access to exclusive sales, marketing, and support resources.
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Reseller partnership

It’s easy to sell with Esper. Reseller partnerships enable you to sell subscriptions, contract customers directly, and operate as an independent provider of Esper. Esper’s reseller program will increase sales, build relationships, and grow your network of customers by providing: 
  • A complete end to end solution with powerful cloud tools for Android device deployment and application management that’s easy to use
  • An enterprise grade solution built for any industry (Healthcare, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Transportation and so many more)
  • Deep Android expertise with GMS and AOSP 

Our partners

Joining Esper as a reseller means that you can help customers onboard a proven solution to solve their challenges with a quick turnaround time and increase your bottom line.
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Benefits of Esper Partner Program

True partnership

With the goal of making it easy for you to win big, our team of experienced partner professionals and Android experts stands ready to provide you with everything you need to succeed. 

Shared values

Customer obsession is our main cultural value. Customers worldwide trust Esper’s cloud management tools for Android device deployment, app management, and monitoring.

Joint growth

Esper helps you grow. Our partners generate incremental revenue from expanding their offering with Android such as x86 devices and selling more of their additional services and licenses.

Find a hardware partner

Browse through Esper’s existing partners. Esper supports all the below devices and offers drop-ship custom solutions for Esper Foundation devices. For help finding the right partner, contact our Partners team.
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