Industrial-Grade Hardware Meets Next-Gen Device Management

Are you ready to experience a revolutionary approach to enterprise device management? Esper, in partnership with Lenovo, offers an unparalleled solution that combines industrial-grade hardware with an advanced device management platform, delivering unmatched value to customers.

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The Industry’s Most Powerful Turnkey Solution for Edge Devices

Lenovo, a global technology leader, and Esper, a device management innovator, have joined forces to provide a groundbreaking solution for companies of all sizes. Lenovo’s curated hardware portfolio is tailored to enterprise needs and bundled with Esper’s custom version of Android, Foundation. Paired with Esper’s enterprise-grade device management platform, it creates a comprehensive ecosystem that offers a robust set of features and versatile hardware options.

Esper and Lenovo: A Partnership to Elevate Your Device Game

You might be asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” That’s a great question. Esper and Lenovo is a powerful partnership that bridges the gap between incredibly powerful hardware and a robust device management platform. With Esper and Lenovo , you get the full stack solution that you’ve always dreamed of.

Unmatched hardware expertise

Lenovo is renowned for its world-class hardware solutions. With a legacy of innovation and a global presence, Lenovo’s commitment to quality and performance is second to none.

Seamless integration

Our partnership ensures that Lenovo’s Android devices seamlessly integrate with Esper’s device management platform, offering a unified experience for businesses of all sizes.

Customization and control

Esper’s next-gen device management platform and custom OS provide businesses with the ability to customize their Android devices precisely to their needs, while Lenovo’s hardware ensures top-tier performance. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

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The Esper Foundation for Android Advantage

Esper Foundation for Android is a powerful, customizable, enterprise-grade version of Android designed for company-owned hardware and optimized for proficiency that transcends industry and company size. Say hello to truly touchless onboarding with a security-focused operating system that lets you focus on moving business forward instead of worrying about your devices. Some of the features you’ll get from Esper Foundation for Android on Lenovo hardware include:

Seamless provisioning

Never touch a device during onboarding and provisioning again.

Custom boot animations

Highlight your brand’s identity every time a device powers on.

Managed system updates

Keep devices optimized, secure, and on the cutting edge. Effortlessly.

Dual booting

Need a second operating system for legacy tools or hardware? No problem.

Granular USB accessory permissions

Control device functionality, port access, and more.

Unbreakable security

Protect your data with frequent security patches, operating system updates, unbreakable kiosk mode, and fully locked systems.

What Lenovo Has to Say

This collaboration is another step forward in Lenovo’s drive to meet changing customer demand across retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other industries. Dedicated devices are proliferating across a number of key industries, and our new joint solution with Esper allows us to deliver the best of Android with the consistency and predictability of Lenovo’s x86 devices.

We are focused on giving customers the ability to deploy devices quickly, remotely manage those devices in the field, and continuously release software updates to those devices to deliver exceptional experiences.

Johanny Payero
Director of Global Advanced Solutions Marketing & Strategy, Lenovo

Enterprise-Grade Hardware Across a Range of Form Factors

Versatile desktop for efficient productivity.

Key features:

  • Fast processors, ample RAM,and connectivity options.
  • Enterprise-grade Android
    (Android 11) with Esper Foundation
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Space-saving desktop without compromising performance.

Key features:

  • High-performance processors and robust security.
  • Enterprise-grade Android
    (Android 11) with Esper Foundation
Learn more

IoT computing in a small form factor.

Key features:

  • Designed for challenging environments with low power consumption.
  • Enterprise-grade Android (Android 11) with Esper Foundation
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A powerful tablet with a wide range of use cases

Key features: 

  • Low power consumption and big battery for all day battery life 
  • Powerful MediaTek processor for demanding applications
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Our Shared Vision

Esper and Lenovo share a vision of simplifying device management across industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and beyond. We are committed to:

  • Empowering businesses: Streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity through a combined hardware and software solution, paired with advanced device management.
  • Enhancing security: Prioritize data protection in an evolving threat landscape. Esper Foundation for Android includes the latest Android security patches and regular updates for maximum protection against modern threats.
  • Driving innovation: Combine Lenovo’s hardware and Esper’s software for cutting-edge solutions, powerful automation, and customizations you previously only dreamed of.

Solutions Designed for a Variety of Industries

Retail, restaurants, and hospitality

Versatile point-of-sale systems, self-service kiosks, efficient kitchen automation, and captivating digital signage.


Upgraded remote care with rapid image generation and secure patient data management.


Achieve precision with inventory management, diagnostics, and robust security protocols.

Logistics and transportation

Stay ahead with comprehensive device fleet management, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Our Partnership?

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation. Whether you’re a business owner, IT manager, or developer, our partnership with Lenovo and Esper’s device management platform will empower you to achieve more with Android devices.

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