Security at Esper

Here’s why some of the world’s leading enterprises trust Esper’s security operations and platform for Android DevOps.


PCI DSS validates Esper’s status as a secure cloud provider for Android mPoS. 

SOC 2 Type 2

Esper’s SOC 2 Type 2 audit assessed 60+ security controls against best practices for service organizations. 

ISO 27001

Esper is certified against a globally-recognized standard for a comprehensive security management system.

Esper’s Secure Platform for Android DevOps

Mobile transformation is much bigger than an investment into Android apps or devices. Today’s most innovative brands are disrupting entire industries and business models with Android products for health, fitness, food delivery, and much more. Enterprises need a secure solution to deploy and manage their Android edge devices to compete on customer experience. 

Esper is the industry’s first platform for Android DevOps that was designed to help customers compete on speed, scale, and security. Our mature infrastructure for device DevOps helps enterprises achieve a continuous, proactive approach to Android security.

Security Use Cases

Secure Android DevOps - or, DevSecOps - is the practice of building security into every stage of the Android product development lifecycle. With, enterprises can “shift left” to include security requirements in provisioning, testing, deployment, and management. 

In the past, security considerations were often an afterthought to the development process and provisioning. Security reviews and rework often created a bottleneck for device operations teams. DevSecOps for Android is a natural progression toward better lifecycle collaboration and security by design. 

Rapid Delivery

Enterprises use Esper to address security requirements earlier in the product life cycle, so they can deploy secure updates with speed and confidence.

Proactive Security

Esper offers total remote visibility and control over Android edge devices, so customers can adapt quickly to performance data or emerging security requirements. 


Customers unlock end-to-end observability for each device, device group, and fleet via Esper’s cloud platform or APIs to meet even the strictest compliance requirements.

Configuration Management

Esper is the first to simplify control over every component of the Android edge - including hardware, firmware, configurations, application security, and content so enterprises can manage drift and restore compliance.

Simplify Security Updates

Regular operating system (OS) updates are crucial to protect mission-critical devices and data from security threats. Esper’s advanced DevOps pipelines are a robust, repeatable way to perform over-the-air updates without impact on uptime. 

Rapid Scaling

Esper creates a repeatable process for secure deployment and management for fleets of 1,000+ devices. Customers rely on Esper’s automation tools to rapidly adapt to new use cases in mid-flight. 

Esper’s Products for Secure Android

Esper Platform for Android DevOps
  • Powerful Templates for Remote Provisioning
  • Automated Monitoring & Response Features
  • Remotely View, Control & Debug Devices
  • Advanced Reporting & Audit Trails
  • Comprehensive Developer Tools
Esper Foundation for Android
  • Customized, Secure Android OS Images
  • Android OS for Legacy x86 Devices
  • Managed Android OTA Updates
Android Hardware Support
  • Foundation Hardware
  • Validated Android Hardware
  • Support for Custom Device Builds
Advanced Security Add-Ons
  • Virtual Private Cloud Hosting
  • Esper Foundation for Android Updates
  • Cloud Platform and Experience Engineering
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A Secure Ecosystem for Android Innovation

Esper’s flexible cloud features are offered as developer tools to give customers even more control over the device lifecycle. Developers gain access to Esper’s Android VIrtual Devices (AVDs), SDKs, APIs, and an Android Studio Plugin for secure, customized implementations across a growing number of use cases.

Esper is partnered with some of the world’s most trusted brands in Android, including device manufacturers (OEM/ODM), chip manufacturers, system integrators, and solution providers. Customers can draw from the expertise of Esper’s trusted partners to transform their approach to secure mobile.

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Security, Privacy & Compliance at Esper

Esper’s products are built to exceed the world’s strictest security standards and frameworks for cloud security and service providers. Our platform and operations are designed to offer absolute control over the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer’s mission-critical devices. 

Mature security controls and systems are one way Esper delivers on our customer promise of operational excellence. Esper’s security, compliance, and privacy practices are validated by external audit to support our mission of being the world’s most secure SaaS solution for Android.

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Esper’s Privacy Practice

Esper is committed to transparency in our data privacy practices. As outlined in our privacy policy, we collect minimal personal information and do not sell or share customer data with third parties.

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