Why go with Esper vs TeamViewer?

TeamViewer enables remote access and remote control for Android devices, but Esper can do that and much more. 


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How much cost savings could your company find by combining device management and remote control?

Remote access software like TeamViewer is designed to enable remote control and tech support. Device management platforms enable functionality for devices, like kiosk mode or geofencing. 

What if you could remotely control your Android devices for remote support and have a suite of device management features, all in the same platform? 

The Esper platform not only gives you granular control of your Android tablets, kiosks, point of sale, digital signage, and other devices, enabling you to define the policies, software, and security for your devices in the field, but also full remote control capabilities. With Esper, there’s no need to pay for two separate services to have device management and remote control.

Do you want best in class support and Android expertise?

Esper's deep expertise in Android spans from chip to cloud, ensuring your success whether starting from solution design or transforming an existing device fleet. Our support offerings get you in touch with our Android and DevOps experts to help you keep innovating. From helping with hardware selection, to expertise around solution offerings, to unparalleled Android expertise, Esper can become a true partner.

‍“The best level of support I have received from any IT product (and that's over 25 years)—I cannot speak highly enough of the responses I received from Esper directly.” - G2Crowd review

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To support team members and customer experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Using Esper Foundation for Android (x86), we were able to keep our current hardware including peripherals. Esper was a true partner. Working with them allowed us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware we want to use.

Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell

"Esper helped us launch our Fusion connected fitness offering on three different types of hardware in less than six months. Their full stack connected fitness Android platform helped us test our application on different hardware platforms, configure all our devices over the cloud, and manage our fleet exactly to our specifications. They gave us speed, Android expertise, and trust that our application would provide a delightful experience for our customers."

Chris Merli
Founder at Inspire Fitness
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Remote View, Control, and Debug with Esper

Do you want a solution purpose-built for dedicated devices?

At Esper, we built our platform intentionally for managing dedicated devices that companies rely on. This includes the ability to remotely access and control devices in order to provide remote tech support — why should you have to pay for two platforms? 

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Nearly ¾ of organizations think their MDM solution is a problem—it’s too complicated or unfriendly, lacks support for their hardware (e.g. x86), and has a poor user experience. 

- According to 451 Research Report

Stop paying for device management and remote access separately

When something happens to a device in the field, you shouldn’t have to send a field agent out to fix it — that’s why remote access and control is so important. If your current device management solution doesn’t offer remote control, however, it’s really not much of a “solution,” is it? Having to pay for (and use!) two services that perform functions that should be seamless doesn’t make much sense, so it’s time to rethink the way you manage devices. We’re here when you’re ready to talk. 

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Other reasons over 4,000 customers have chosen Esper

  • Focus on customer experience, relying on Esper for robust device infrastructure
  • Go-to-market faster with our Android expertise, unrivaled customer support, and hardware partner ecosystem
  • Operate efficiently with an easy-to-use interface and enterprise-grade functionality including kiosk mode, remote monitoring and control, OTA updates, and more
  • Increase agility with seamless provisioning and DevOps tools for faster release cycles
  • Gain new insights with telemetry data and analytics

Why go with Esper vs TeamViewer?

What Makes Esper Different


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