Create engaging, immersive experiences at scale

Gain agility and control over your digital signage device
Esper is the first ever suite of solutions designed to simplify the creation, configuration and deployment of digital signage solutions.
Gain total control of your Android signage so you’re free to focus on what really matters, like delivering the highest-converting, most engaging solutions at scale.

Your digital signage vision is about to become a reality.

The Leading Platform for Digital Signage Solution Builders

Simple Digital Signage at Scale

Real-Time Management
True No-Touch Deployment
Total Visibility and Control
Android Telemetry Ready

We’re Compatible with ALL Modern Android Hardware.

Can you bring your own digital signage hardware? Absolutely! Esper is compatible with your existing Android investments. When you’re ready to expand your digital signage fleet, we have solutions to help you scale. Esper offers a wide selection of hardware including Lenovo and Shuttle Computing models, and single-board computer boards from Khadas, Odroid, and more.

You can even build your own custom SBC for dedicated signage via Esper’s partnership with MediaTek.

Esper makes device enrollment easy, whether you decide to buy it or build it. You can even ship your hardware straight to the point of deployment ready to automatically be configured via the cloud upon first boot up.

Esper Enhanced Android Devices for Digital Signage Solutions

Esper Enhanced Android devices are shipped with a customized Android OS for enterprises — delivering improved performance, faster deployment, and superior debugging.
Khadas Edge-V
Khadas Edge-V comes as a small footprint SBC with an edge connector that can be used as standalone or with a base board. This SBC is thin and light with a dimensions of credit card. Khadas Edge-V runs Esper Enhanced Android.
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Full Stack End-to-End Answers for the Digital Signage Lifecycle

Efficiently Deploy

No-touch enrollment and provisioning. Design once, deploy anywhere.

Remote Diagnostics

Monitor health and security. Receive actionable alerts. Take real-time action.

Operational Agility

Agile configurations. Real-time updates. Continuous improvement.


Remote Control. Detailed Logging.
Remote Debugging Tools.

Hardware Choice

Rich hardware options. Validated
SBCs or custom OEM builds.

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