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What if you could deliver richer learner experiences? Realize the full potential of your connected classrooms using Esper’s centralized management for your Android devices and apps. Drive operational efficiency and recognize operational savings.
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In order to cope with the Pandemic and ensure that our students wouldn't miss out or fall behind, we procured 10,000 devices with an aim to use them for blended learning once the schools resumed. And a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) wasn’t enough. We required a partner that would help us to restrict usage to educational apps, track our devices, and enable monitoring the students' devices
Hitesh Rawtani
Director of Technology

Drive Richer Learning Experiences

Every day, mobile devices and apps connect educators and students from anywhere in the world. Globally, Esper improves access to education with personalized apps, distraction-free education devices, and innovative new Android IoT devices —transforming how you meet new challenges and distance learning requirements.

Esper’s comprehensive Android DevOps solutions help you drive richer experiences for your learners and educators — regardless of location.

Stay connected with distance learning

Esper’s broad range of distraction-proof solutions for distance learners empowers students to connect from home.

Interactive learning keeps students engaged

Engage students using Esper’s digital signage devices such as Android single-board computers (SBCs), smart boards, and kiosks.

Transform bright ideas into reality

Esper’s Android DevOps tools, hardware options, and purpose-built devices transform bright ideas into reality.

Control operational expenses

Esper offers access to many different categories of affordable, validated Android devices for K-12 and higher education.

Help students focus on learning

Esper’s Android kiosk mode lets educators restrict applications to those approved for distribution on the devices. And students are inhibited from deleting apps from their devices.

Keep student data safe

Security features execute automated device lockdown or reset if tampered with or stolen.
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Intelligent Device Deployment with Esper

Esper automates your device implementation with efficient workflows for secure provisioning, deploying, and monitoring education apps. Configurations, settings, and apps automatically load on boot-up, simplifying device management. Advanced security features such as geofencing and telemetry help you achieve automated device lockdown or reset in the event of tampering or device theft.

Real-time Telemetry

Remotely evaluate device, apps, and performance in real-time, enabling educators to track application and device use.


Deploying your secure Android devices is as simple as turn on, connect, and enroll from Esper’s dashboard.

Remote updates
and troubleshooting

Reduce manual installation of updates or troubleshooting through remote management and get immediate support response on any device failures.

Android kiosk mode
protects student privacy

Esper’s Android kiosk mode secure provisioning, deployment, and monitoring help educators manage students’ privacy risks.

SafeSearch for student

Students are never exposed to unauthorized material or activities when using Esper’s applications.

Increased operational

Achieve > 60% OpEx savings in deployment and management.
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Esper’s cloud platform for Android DevOps is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point, backed by industry-leading options for customer support.


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Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services is available on request.
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Android Smart Devices for Education

IoT for
When you’re looking to deploy EdTech devices rapidly and without manual intervention, Esper’s complete toolchain for Android empowers you to define, develop, deploy, monitor, and manage your entire EdTech Android fleet.
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