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Esper Enhanced Android x86--EEA x86--is the world’s most customizable, secure, and proven Android x86 platform to build, deploy, and manage large fleets of dedicated x86-based devices.

Leading brands rely on EEA to drive digital transformation by smartly applying the x86 hardware ecosystem for a modern DevOps approach to solution management and operations. Device Makers delight in EEA extending the market viability of existing x86 designs to save NRE. Esper Enhanced Android x86 opens more resources for innovative new designs on the latest processors by removing the burden of Android OS development and adaptation from internal teams and the supply chain.

Easily offer Android on x86 designs - both existing and new, with long-term support

Monthly security patches available for Enterprise-level long-term support.

Use your existing x86 designs to efficiently offer Android, build new designs with the latest from Intel.

Bare metal install with available multi-boot options to accommodate legacy OSes.

Customers love Esper Enhanced Android x86

Esper Enhanced Android works. No one else does Android x86 successfully today. Esper’s engineering staff made it easy to put Android on any x86 device. I was expecting it to take a lot of time to make EEA work the way we wanted it to. Out of the box, EEA worked extremely well, requiring only some minor fine-tuning. Pushing out EEA OTA made it so easy to deploy and update.
Jason Joiner
Field Application Engineer

Flexibly manage enterprise device fleets at scale

Reliability is key when you're delivering the promises made to your customer base. With Esper Enhanced Android x86, you can responsively adjust your single-purpose device fleet to meet the needs of your audience, all from a single pane of glass.
Industry-ready, enterprise-supported Android for x86

Built and continually improved by Esper Android experts, Esper EEA is developed from state-of-the-art techniques. Enterprise-level support options available.
Android x86 built for
commercial use cases

Esper’s focus on dedicated devices running on Android OS means you get innovative and proven capabilities designed for your use cases. Get long-term support.
Flexibility to pick the
best-fit x86 system

The choice is yours. EEA supports popular Intel x86 processor lines from Intel’s Celeron on up to i7 delivered. Selected ARM-based targets are also supported.
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Built for the demands of commercial edge device fleets

OTA updates and long-term support

Support for both traditional and OTA (over-the-air) updates. Long-term support options available up to 10 years.

Seamless provisioning

Devices are shipped set up and ready to enroll onto Esper. Once they’re turned on, they are no-touch provisioned — driven by the Cloud.

Complete management platform

Esper provides fine grained app and device control for dedicated device fleets large and small via an easy-to-use console.

Deep developer tooling

Cloud API, Device SDK, Python, CLI, and Android Studio integration are available for cloud developers, app developers, and IT pros.

Agile staging

Change the preferred configuration at any point before first boot when deploying.

Strong security

All data on the device is strongly encrypted to protect your business.

Secure remote debugging

Run adb sessions to deployed devices, use built-in remote control, and automatically fetch bug reports with no user approval needed.

Self healing

Automatically reconfigure devices over the air via factory reset, with no physical intervention.
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Learn More about EEA x86

EEA x86 is offers competitively priced packages for device makers. End-customers with existing device fleets can move to Android as part of an overall Esper management contract.

Android x86 Supported Device Categories


The most secure and reliable Android kiosk management system, with remote provisioning and OTA updates.

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Rugged Devices

Esper’s device management console and powerful developer tools
make deploying Android rugged devices seamless and efficient.

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Esper’s powerful Android platform automates provisioning, configuring, deploying, and monitoring of your retail purpose-built Android devices

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A complete range of compliance-friendly, secure telehealth solutions that enhance both the patient and provider experience.

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Finally a commercial Android OS for x86 that meets the unique challenges of ELD deployments.

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EEA x86 combined with the Esper platform makes edge inference models manageable.

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Digital Signage

Secure Android devices for digital signage applications on Enterprise corporate networks.

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Rugged Devices
Android x86 Supported Chipsets
Coffee Lake
Gemini Lake
Whiskey Lake
Elkhart Lake (planned)
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Android x86 Supported Chipsets

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