Esper Enhanced Android

The leading commercial Android build for x86 and ARM hardware

Building an Android fleet is hard. Esper Enhanced Android (EEA) is easy. Whether you're starting with bare metal or already managing an Android device fleet in the hundreds of thousands, EEA is ready to meet you at your scale and your needs.
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Build on a platform that
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Leading brands are relying on Esper Enhanced Android to drive digital transformation today. EEA gives our customers the freedom to leverage the full power of Android’s massive hardware ecosystem by applying our modern DevOps approach to device management and operations.

EEA can even extend the market viability of existing x86 and ARM hardware, helping our customers save on non-recurring engineering (NRE). EEA unlocks innovative new designs by lifting the burden of Android OS development and adaptation from internal teams and the supply chain.

Esper Enhanced Android works. No one else does x86 successfully today. Esper’s engineering staff made it easy to put Android on any x86 device. I was expecting it to take a lot of time to make EEA work the way we wanted it to. 

Out of the box, EEA worked extremely well, requiring only some minor fine-tuning. Pushing out EEA OTA made it so easy to deploy and update.
Jason Joiner
Field Engineer at JLT

Improve your operational performance

Forget extensive kitting, and forget empty promises about “zero touch” provisioning. Let Esper Enhanced Android give you a real deployment advantage, and increase both OPEX savings and performance all at once. With EEA, customers save as much as 70% on operations costs using features such as seamless provisioning and device self-healing.

Seamless provisioning

Fully remote, no-touch provisioning driven by dynamic cloud configuration using the Esper platform to eliminate the staging burden

Extensive remote diagnostic capabilities

Built-in remote control for IT operators, secure remote ADB sessions for developers, streaming logcat, and dmesg for real-time troubleshooting

Self-healing devices

Automated, remote self-healing to recover from unrecoverable issues in the field

DevOps native

Native compatibility with Esper’s cloud platform, APIs, and SDK for granular, self-service control

Device SDK integrations

Manage power with the device SDK

Agile staging

CI/CD pipelines for granular control when pushing out application updates


Gain deep insight into system behavior 

Why another flavor of Android?

Esper Enhanced Android uniquely solves deployment and management challenges, such as meeting unique customization requirements, seamless provisioning, managed OTA updates, and long-term support. 

EEA enables a true DevOps approach using built-in firmware OTA capabilities. Because you know your device fleet strategy better than anyone else, you can decide when and how to update your fleet, with validation and rollout on your terms.

Built for the Enterprise

EEA is built and maintained by Esper’s dedicated team of commercial OS engineers.

Proven Commercial Platform

EEA is the leading commercial-ready solution for innovation and customization at scale.

Best-of-Class Extensibility

EEA is the most broadly-compatible commercial Android build for both Intel x86 and Arm processors.

Built for the

EEA is built and maintained by Esper’s dedicated team of commercial OS engineers implementing the same DevOps principles for frequent testing and updates.

Proven Commercial Platform

EEA is the leading commercial-ready solution for innovation and customization at scale.

Best-of-Class Extensibility

EEA is the most broadly compatible commercial Android build for both x86 and ARM processors.

Built for developers, by developers

Developers will feel right at home with Esper Enhanced Android and the Esper platform. OS developers will enjoy the flexibility provided by the EEA SDK to easily configure boot animations, navigation bar behavior, and application data backup. Application developers can use the Esper Device SDK to integrate advanced features into dedicated apps, and have the smoothness of Android Studio integration via the Esper Plugin and Esper CLI. IT pros can save time and be more efficient using our Python SDK and Esper’s unique E.A.S.T. tool. And cloud developers can drive automated solutions using our RestAPIs.

Whether you are a cloud, app, or OS developer, EEA and the Esper platform have you covered.

Rethink what’s possible
for your solutions

Esper Enhanced Android provides quality, customizability, and availability with continuous updates and optimization, turning yesterday’s challenges with hardware-focused OEMs into today's opportunities for custom devices.You get a professionally built and maintained Android OS that we can match directly to your target hardware configuration and required peripherals (for supported Esper target hardware designs).

Combined with the Esper platform, you get an unprecedented level of app management and fine-grained device configuration and that granularity persists from end to end, deployment to field.

Supported silicon and devices

Esper Enhanced Android is available for immediate deployment on a rapidly-increasing number of devices and form factors, and we’re working on adding new ones all the time.

Esper has 70+ partnerships with global leaders in the Android ecosystem. We have a family of ready-to-ship Esper Enhanced computers, smart displays, kiosks, and ruggedized devices.

If you are developing custom hardware or have an existing design you want to run EEA, we can work with you one on one to adapt EEA as a target. We also love reference designs, so if you have one in particular you want to use, we can work with your design shop, silicon vendor, or ODM to ensure EEA is ready-built for your fleet. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you’re trying to build.

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Esper Enhanced Android Features

Seamless enrollment

No action bug reports

Custom boot animations

Integrations with the device SDK to control power

Secure remote ADB

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