Fleet Geek

A comprehensive roadmap to building a dedicated device fleet.
Starting from scratch or looking to modernize your device fleet? Esper’s own fleet geek,
Keith Szot, guides you through the tough decisions and considerations needed to bring your device-based aspirations to life.
Device Fleet Planner Guide
Keith Scot

Meet Keith Szot, Chief Fleet Geek

As SVP & Chief Evangelist, Keith is the driving force behind the product innovation at Esper. His knowledge spans not only verticals, having worked in everything from industrial automation and warehousing to retail point-of-sale and consumer elections, and also the entire value chain of smart device solutions. Previously, Keith led product management for a developer tools startup that was sold to Symantec and was at Microsoft working with MSDN, CryptoAPI, Windows CE/Platform Builder, and Windows Mobile.

The difference when building with Esper

Esper does the heavy lifting

Leverage our agile device infrastructure so you can focus on delivering new customer experiences.

Go to market faster with confidence

Build your product with a team of Android experts knowing they will do anything to help you find a solution for your device fleet.

Infrastructure that meet your needs today and tomorrow

With Esper as your partner, get it right the first time when picking the right tools and devices for your use case.

Build your dedicated device fleet your way

What’s the right business model for your device strategy?

Keith dives into the ins-and-outs of building a device-based business model. He’ll guide you through choosing a model that best suits your tablet, kiosk, and POS device use case, ensuring that you’re able to minimize losses and maximize profits while scaling your business and device fleet.

Choosing the best OS for your use case when building a device fleet

Android, Windows, Linux, or iOS are all options to consider but which operating system (OS) is right for your business and device strategy? Follow along as Keith gives an overview of each and walks you through the different considerations so you can choose the right option for your use case and devices.

What to consider when choosing AOSP or GMS for your device fleet?

Choosing between AOSP (Android Open Source Project) or GMS (Google Mobile Services) for your dedicated device fleet can be tricky. Keith compares the pros and cons of each Android hardware type and reviews the considerations and capabilities of each for consumer and enterprise markets.
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