Esper Modernizes How Hospitality Manages Android In-Room Devices

Hospitality brands rely on personal connections with guests to build loyalty and drive revenue. What if you could attract more guests and have them come back time and again?

Modern Android digital in-room technology creates a positive guest experience from check-in to check-out.
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Customers Love Esper

In hospitality, Android-based in-room tablets can create a meaningful connection between the guest and the hotel, giving the guest broad contactless control over their stay. Guests can order dining, make service requests, adjust room controls, and much more with a few taps of a screen. Esper enables the INTELITY platform to globally deploy and manage devices across all of a customer's properties regardless of size. Through Esper's DevOps platform we can do remote installation and reduce the reliance of IT support at each hotel.
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Esper Intelligently Deploys Android DevOps Devices

Modernize your device deployment with Esper’s intelligent Android full stack capabilities. Seamless enrollment, secure provisioning, monitoring capabilities, and more give you complete control across hundreds or thousands of devices.

Seamless handoff — no
kitting required

Devices ship to location fully provisioned, eliminating any manual processing.

Elevate your hospitality
guest experience

Our API access helps you deliver exciting new in-room guest experiences without the fuss.

Replace costly in-room phones with cost-effective Android tablets

Android tablets give your guests a fresh, modern approach to their in-room experience.

Works right out of
the box

No touch deployment accelerates device rollout without IT resources.

Give your guests more
value in record time

Profiles, configurations, settings, etc., automatically load on boot-up for more value in record time.

Innovation increases
growth opportunities

Continuous innovation keeps devices up-to-date and generates new growth opportunities.
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Why Choose Esper for Hospitality

Let your IT resources loose on other pressing projects. Esper Android mobile device management platform provisions and remotely deploys your hospitality Android devices. Easily manage your entire Esper Android hardware fleet from our dashboard. Our management app wipes customer data on in-room devices, assuring your customers' privacy.

No-touch deployment
starts at the factory

Esper tests, provisions, and configures your specific policies before shipping devices straight to the point of use.

Enroll and provision
multiple devices

Define compliance policies, applications, settings, device groups, and more and push them out across devices.

Manage your hospitality device fleet from a single pane of glass

Streamline installation, updates, and troubleshooting of your devices and apps for your entire fleet of in-room devices from Esper’s Console.

Telemetry analytics for real-time,
data-driven insights

From a single dashboard, access a rich stream of insight into your Android fleet and users so you can drive data-driven decision making.

Restrict apps on
in-room devices

Esper’s Android kiosk mode lets you restrict applications to those approved for distribution on your devices.

Protect your
customer data

If a device fails in the field, Esper’s secure, remote debugging resolves issues without an onsite tech.
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Esper’s cloud platform for Android DevOps is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point, backed by industry-leading options for customer support.


Best for trying out Esper with smaller fleets.


Best for managing medium to large device fleets.


Best for reliably building, testing, and deploying fleets of any size.


Best for fleets at scale with unique requirements.
Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services is available on request.

Suggested Hardware for Hospitality Industry

Handheld Devices
Digital Signage
Esper helps hospitality organizations deliver an innovative, cost-effective, flawless experience for your customers. We offer a range of Android devices for industry use cases, including validated, enhanced, and purpose-built hardware for hospitality.
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