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Use Cases for Android Kiosk Mode

Self-Serve Ordering
Student Tablets
Customer Bill Pay
Mobile Point-of-Sale
Electronic Logging Devices
Mobile Store Associates
Interactive Signage
Customer Loyalty Programs
Healthcare Screenings

Securely Deploy Android Kiosks

Securely deploy Android Kiosks and lock phones/tablets in Android kiosk mode using Esper.

Esper’s cloud tools protect public Android kiosks from tampering and misuse, so you can achieve higher performance returns on your kiosk deployments.
Android Kiosk Mode replaces default device settings with custom configurations to create a fully-managed experience from the moment a device boots.
Esper is the most powerful and scalable solution to create kiosk experiences that map to your customer or employee use case and security requirements.

How Android Kiosk Mode
Works in Esper

Android Kiosk Mode is a flexible configuration state available for almost all Android devices with operating system (OS) versions 6.0+, plus some support for OS 4.4 and 5.x.

Esper is built for a variety of single-purpose Android kiosk use cases.

Single-App Kiosk Mode

Pin a single kiosk app to full-screen mode.

Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Lock Android devices to a select number of apps, websites, and usage scenarios.

Custom Configurations-App Kiosk Mode

Create safe, productive, and self-serve Android for customers, students, patients, or workers.

Creating Custom Android Kiosk Experiences with Esper

Locking down apps, settings, and user behavior starts with creating a provisioning template in Esper. In a matter of minutes you can define a secure state for your Android device, OS, settings, apps, and user permissions from our cloud console.


Remotely push apps, version updates, and permissions for private and Play Store apps.

Status Bar & Notifications

Hide status bar and notifications and prevent kiosk mode exits.

Device Settings

Remotely manage network, brightness, touchscreen and factory resets.


Close the loop between device and cloud with Esper’s APIs, SDK & CLI.

Device Features

Disable or restrict USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and sleep mode.

Calls & Texts

Block user access to calls and texts. Or create custom allowed contacts.


Advanced DevOps pipelines simplify rollouts and rollbacks.

Custom Branding

Display your brand with custom load sequence graphics.

Security & Health

Monitor real-time telemetry and user data and create automated responses to risk.

Add New Capabilities

Add peripheral hardware for payments, printing, biometrics, and more.


Customize SafeSearch user access to allowed and blocked websites.


Define geofencing and network boundaries to auto-lock against theft.

How Esper’s Android Kiosk Solution Stacks Up


Kiosk deployments


Custom Android Settings


API Actions


Average Customer Rating


Average Customer
OpEx Savings

Esper’s Android DevOps tools are backed by world-class customer support. Plus, we offer a fully-featured, free pricing tier for fleets up to100 Android devices.

Esper vs. Kiosk Software vs. Android Mobile Device Management

Today’s single-purpose fleets involve many different usage scenarios and user types. Esper’s flexible infrastructure can simplify virtually all Android single-purpose use cases.

Esper is built to help customers create a future-proof Android management strategy, even as they scale staff and customer deployments. We offer more features and advanced capabilities than most typical kiosk or mobile device management (MDM) solutions.





Single & Multi-App Kiosk Mode
Partial Support
Support for GMS and AOSP Devices
Partial Support
50+ Kiosk Mode Settings
Partial Support
Fully Custom Device Configurations
Customize Voice, SMS & Browser
Partial Support
Remotely Provision, Deploy & Debug
Partial Support
Validated Hardware & Peripherals
Track Device Location
Partial Support
Partial Support
Device Telemetry & User Analytics
Partial Support
Partial Support
Custom Alerts & Alert Responses
Partial Support
Cloud Content Management System
Over-the-Air App, Settings & Firmware Updates

FAQ About Esper’s Android Kiosk Solution

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