Partner Control Center: A Bird’s Eye View to Manage Customer Tenants

As your business scales, managing and monitoring multiple customer tenants becomes a complex operational challenge. Enter the Partner Control Center (PCC), a unified platform that simplifies access and amplifies service delivery, resulting in unparalleled customer experiences.
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What is PCC?

PCC is your portal into your customers’ tenants. It gives you a single pane of glass to view, monitor,  and manage all of your customers’ devices.

For MSPs and VARs

PCC is your command center, enabling swift, secure access to manage devices across multiple tenants. Unlock the potential for value-added services and superior support delivery.

For resellers

Dive into tenant insights, monitor device fleet growth, track license allocations, and streamline billing with precision.

Benefits of the Partner Control Center:

Comprehensive tenant monitoring

Gain holistic visibility into customer tenants and their device fleet statuses.

Enhanced support dynamics

Directly engage with customer tenants, ensuring lightning-fast and efficient support.

Value-added service expansion

Seamlessly introduce additional services by understanding and fulfilling specific tenant requirements.

Independence and security

Preserve robust security and compliance standards by maintaining strict child tenant independence.

Controlled tenant accessibility

Prioritize tenant privacy with PCC, mandating opt-ins for accessibility by PCC Super Admins.
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