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Level up MobiWire handheld devices with Esper MDM. Provide your teams with a secure and seamless device experience to boost their productivity and maximize your ROI.

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A Powerful Turnkey Solution for the Telecom and Banking Industries

Esper’s next-gen device management solution seamlessly integrates with MobiWire's specialized hardware, ensuring security, operational efficiency, and future-proof technology. Take your devices to the next level with a transformative combination designed to meet the unique demands of these dynamic industries.

Esper and MobiWire: A Partnership to Elevate Your Hardware Game

Esper + MobiWire is a powerful partnership that bridges the gap between incredibly powerful hardware and the best Android device management on the planet. With Esper and MobiWire, you get the full-stack solution for banking and telecom that you’ve always dreamed of.

Best-in-class hardware

With a legacy of innovation and a global presence, MobiWire’s commitment to quality and performance is second to none in the telco industry.

Best-in-class MDM

Esper device management reduces TCO and boosts ROI with capabilities to deploy, secure, and manage MobiWire devices remotely.

Seamless integration

Our partnership ensures that MobiWire’s handheld Android devices seamlessly integrate with Esper’s device management platform, offering a unified and secure experience for businesses of all sizes.

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The Benefits of Esper + MobiWire’s Full Stack Solution

Simplify deployment

Expedite bulk device setup with Google Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE) via Esper Console.

Reduce OpEx

Enhance field agent productivity by diagnosing and resolving device issues remotely to minimize service disruptions and downtime.

Enhanced security

Prevent misuse and unapproved app installations. Safeguard against competitor app installations.

Detailed device telemetry

Keep track of the health and performance of all the in-field devices in a large device fleet without getting overwhelmed.

Prevent device theft

Monitor and track the location and status of your devices in real time to prevent loss or theft. Safely lock devices in kiosk mode to prevent misuse.

Reduce data usage

Monitor data usage, minimize pings, and enhance overall efficiency in mobile data consumption.

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Secure and Sleek Hardware Across a Range of Form Factors

A mobile PoS dedicated for professional services.

Key features:

  • NFC
  • Customizable key

A mobile PoS with biometric fingerprint.

Key features:

  • NFC Device
  • Biometric

The easiest solution to connect, pay and print.

Key features:

  • Prepaid services 
  • Mobile payment
  • Delivery service
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Complete solution for printing and reading tickets of all types (NFC, barcode, QR codes).

Key features:

  • NFC contactless functionality
  • KYC
  • Financial inclusion
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Our Shared Vision

Esper and MobiWire share a vision of providing an innovative, secure, and optimized device experience for banking and telecom companies.

  • Enhanced security and compliance: Both Esper and MobiWire prioritize the development and implementation of cutting-edge security features to meet and exceed industry compliance standards, safeguarding sensitive financial and telecommunications data.
  • Optimized user experience across devices: Esper and MobiWire strive to optimize the user experience across various handheld devices, ensuring consistency, reliability, and user-friendly interactions through effective device management.
  • Innovation for Future-Ready Solutions: Esper and MobiWire are committed to fostering innovation and developing future-ready solutions that anticipate and address the evolving needs of the banking and telecommunication industries, providing a competitive edge for their clients.

Solutions Designed for a Variety of Industries

Banking and financial services

Are you looking for an mPOS? You can transport your point of sale terminal anywhere thanks to its smartphone-like form factor. Check out MobiWire’s MobiPrint and MobiGo collection.


Are you looking for devices to help professionals validate the identity of their clients seamlessly during the sales process or scan various ID docs before processing the transaction? Check out MobiWire’s MobiPrint collection.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Our Partnership?

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation. Whether you’re a business owner, IT manager, or developer, our partnership with MobiWire top of the line hardware and Esper’s device management platform will empower you to achieve more with your dedicated devices.

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