Enterprise-Grade OS for Dedicated Devices

Move beyond the smartphone. If you can dream it, you can do it with Foundation — regardless of form factor. Based on Android, built for ARM or x86, and fully customizable.
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The Flexibility You Need to Power the Experiences You Want

Esper Foundation for Android is a customized version of the Android operating system designed specifically for creating custom experiences. It’s based on AOSP (the Android Open Source Project) and made for all your devices, regardless of form factor.

Robust security meets (nearly) endless customizability

With Foundation, you can have it all — the power and versatility of Android with the security posture that enterprises require, including over-the-air updatability to ensure your devices are always up-to-date with the latest security patches. Control the OS, security patches, and even specific hardware permissions.

Built it new or extend the life of your existing hardware

Whether you are scaling a business with custom devices or have devices reaching EOL that you aren’t ready to rip and replace, Foundation can help. Foundation works on existing hardware (even x86 devices) to flip them from Windows to Android. Or work with us on custom Android devices to unlock exactly what you need.

Full OS control — no headache required

Building a custom operating system may seem like a dream to many, but the lift of onboarding a dev team or working with an OEM/ODM is just too much. Foundation is the answer. It’s like outsourcing the OS development without sacrificing control. You tell us what you want, and we handle the rest — even the updates.

Form factors galore

Mobile, stationary, embedded, in-vehicle, and even headless devices can use Foundation to unlock previously inaccessible innovations by removing the limitations found in off-the-shelf Android devices. Foundation is based on AOSP and designed specifically for creating custom experiences.
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Comprehensive Device Lifecycle Management

Full control allows you to completely customize the device lifecycle from deployment to user experience, while sophisticated over-the-air updatability ensures your devices are always up-to-date with the latest features and security patches. What that means for you is a device experience as you’ve never imagined — for you, your IT team, and your users.

Runs on bare metal or in a VM

You can run Foundation on bare metal for peak performance, dual-boot alongside another OS, or in a virtualized environment. Truly the best of all worlds.

Monthly security patches

Strong security is important. Foundation ensures that your devices are always running the latest security patches.

Enterprise-level long-term
support (LTS)

Up to 10 years of support for security patches and OS updates. Try getting that with an off-the-shelf operating system.

Fully customizable and built for
your hardware

Whether you’re using off-the-shelf hardware or designing a fully customized solution, Foundation can take it to the next level.

Seamless provisioning

Stop wasting time provisioning devices with fully automated, touchless provisioning. Devices are shipped ready to go as soon as you crack open the box.

Keep your peripherals

Test and validate the tools you rely on, peripherals included. Granular access to USB permissions makes sure only your peripherals are allowed.

Remote diagnostic and debugging

Custom alerts, performance monitoring, built-in remote control, and secure access to ADB from anywhere in the world. Foundation is built for IT teams.

Granular control with an intuitive console

Fine-grained control of your settings, apps, content, and more. Built for fleets of all sizes and always easy to use.

It’s Your Hardware. It Should Work the Way You Want.

Maybe you’re building a device fleet from scratch. More likely, you already have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices. Either way, Foundation is the solution to your quandary — whether you’re looking to build a custom set of ARM devices or repurpose some outdated x86 hardware (or both!) Foundation can turn your dreams into realities.

Unlock functionality

If you’ve ever asked yourself “why can’t I…” when trying to make your hardware work in a specific way, Foundation is the answer.

Maximize hardware value

Don’t rip and replace those x86 devices — extend the life of your existing hardware with an enterprise-grade Android solution

Reduce OpEx

Ship devices that are pre-configured to your specifications and enroll onto Esper on first boot. Say goodbye to provisioning time.

Dedicated devices are proliferating across several key industries, and our new joint solution with Esper allows us to deliver the best of Android with the consistency and predictability of Lenovo’s x86 devices. We are focused on giving customers the ability to deploy devices quickly, remotely managing those devices in the field, and continuously releasing software updates to those devices to deliver exceptional experiences.

Johanny Payero
Director of Global Advanced Solutions Marketing and Strategy, Lenovo

Design Your Custom Experience

Innovative companies use Foundation to deliver exceptional customer experiences — from shops to restaurants, public spaces to hospitals. And everywhere in between.


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