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Esper Genesis: The MDM Your Company-Managed Devices Deserve

If you’re sick of using MDM software that doesn’t fit the needs of business-first, company-managed devices, Esper Genesis is the answer. It has all the tools modern Android and iOS devices need, complete with next-generation device management features you won’t find anywhere else.
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Esper Genesis is a Smarter Approach to Device Management

Businesses rely on digital devices like never before — we’re talking about always-on, revenue generating hardware here. The smartphones, tablets, kiosks, and more that businesses simply can’t function without. 
The problem is that, until now, there wasn’t a simple, straightforward, and reliable way to manage those devices. Esper Genesis is the answer to that problem. It’s the seamless MDM platform that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Your Devices, Your Way

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 devices, you should be able to manage them in a way that makes sense. Esper Genesis gives you complete remote management, device grouping, and update control all at your fingertips — even across mixed fleets of Android and iOS hardware.

Configuration Changes? No Problem

Setting device policies should be simple. So should changing, updating, or modifying those policies on the fly and in real-time. Genesis has your back with Blueprints.

Lock ‘em Up Tight

Unbreakable kiosk mode and robust security policies keep your devices running precisely as you intended. It’s so effective you’ll almost forget you set it up.

Customers worldwide are saving up to 60% in OpEx with Esper’s proven solutions 

In order to cope with the pandemic and ensure that our students wouldn’t miss out or fall behind, we procured 10,000 devices with an aim to use them for blended learning once the schools resumed. A Mobile Device Manager (MDM) wasn’t enough. We required a partner that would help us to restrict usage to educational apps, track our devices and enable our teachers to monitor the students’ usage of the devices.

Hitesh Rawtani
Director of Technology, Teach for India
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Pure MDM, But Better

It’s not hard to find an MDM provider. It is hard to find a great MDM provider. That’s why Genesis strikes the perfect balance between what you need and what you don’t to deliver the most intuitive, feature-rich MDM software you’ve ever used. 

Intuitive Console

Your MDM’s user interface shouldn’t require a computer science degree to operate. Esper’s intuitive console interface is easy to use but chock full of all the necessary tools.

Scalable Device Configurations

Your device needs change, so you need a way to implement, modify, and update configurations easily. Say hello to Blueprints, the feature you’ll wonder how you lived without. 

Kiosk Mode

Have kiosks? You need kiosk mode. Have devices that serve a single purpose but aren’t kiosks? You need kiosk mode. And Esper’s is robust and unbreakable. 

Device Grouping

If you’re sick of 1:1 device management options, Device Grouping is just what the doctor ordered. Organize, update, and otherwise interact with your hardware in a way that makes sense. 

Device Telemetry

Get a better understanding of your devices individually and your device fleet as a whole. Managed by exception and discover potential issues before they become a headache. 

Flexible Provisioning 

Provisioning used to be the bane of your existence, but not anymore. Why? Because you just streamlined the entire provisioning, onboarding, and configuration process with Esper. All your friends are jealous. 

Genesis Simplifies Device Management for Your Unique Use Case

Remote education - A student attending a class through an android tablet remotely
Digital signage for retail
Administrator management - Administration of educational instiution using an android tablet to discuss the management of school operations
Rugged logistics devices
Classrooms and conference rooms - A teacher using an education device to teach the classroom
In-room hospitality tablets
Student engagement - A child using a digital learning platform through an android device
Tablets for education & nonprofits

Taking the Guesswork Out of Device Fleet Building

Genesis means “the origin of something.” The best thing about “the beginning” is that it never ends; it just grows, expands, and evolves. Our vision for Genesis is exactly that: The origin of something better. Better MDM. More powerful tools. Flexible features built for real-world scenarios. Esper Genesis isn’t the origin of MDM — it’s the rebirth.  
But you don’t have to take our word for it. Book a demo today and see what Genesis can do for you. 

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