Busright Chooses Esper for Intuitive Design, Flexible Customization, and Robust Fleet Management

BusRight is bringing the school transportation industry into the modern age — driving operational efficiency, empowering drivers, and improving student safety by enhancing communication and visibility. BusRight is relying on Esper for smooth implementations in the field and a flexible platform to fuel their continued growth.
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Remote control for field support
Fast and easy provisioning
Custom call configuration

About BusRight

BusRight is a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to improve student transportation and customer experience by optimizing core processes for route planning, tracking and real-time reporting of School Bus locations, student ridership, and multi-channel communications between all committed stakeholders.

Founded: 2017

Industry: Transportation Technology

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Busright Needed an Intuitive, Out-Of-The-Box, Solution To Bring Yellow Bus Logistics Out of the Digital Dark Age

Most people are surprised to learn that the largest transportation system in the U.S. is school bussing. However, many school districts are still managing bus routes with systems created decades ago (think: bus stops marked with pins on paper maps) and have no real-time insights where buses, and even more importantly, students and drivers, are at any given time. Significant challenges also exist for drivers who are new to bus routes and work off of physical maps early in the morning while it’s dark outside. Without the time or resources to build their own platform, BusRight turned to Esper for a full-stack solution that could work out of the box and seamlessly integrate for multiple use cases. They needed:

  • An off-the-shelf solution to transform consumer tablets into purpose-built devices
  • The ability to completely lock down devices
  • A simple application installation process
  • Visibility and control over the entire device management process

BusRight and Esper both value simplicity, usability, and an outstanding user experience, so it’s a natural partnership. After Esper’s free trial, we became so accustomed to their modern and intuitive platform, the competitor solutions just felt off. Also, the features that Esper provides are robust where other companies say they provide the same solutions, but they’re clearly not built for fleet management.

Neil Bhammar
Head of Operations, BusRight

Esper’s Solution

BusRight knew Esper was the right choice for fleet management after comparing the experience from our free trial with our competitors’ platforms. The BusRight team determined Esper’s solution was more intuitive and flexible than other options on the market, and they also wanted a platform that could continue to adapt to their needs as a growing, changing company, which only Esper could provide with advanced DevOps tools, pipeline features, and the option to customize with our API and SDK. Now BusRight is growing their company with Esper — improving the communication and safety for school districts, drivers, and students while enjoying the advantages of:

  • Remote view, control, and debug The BusRight team can support drivers, school administrators, and other non-technical users from anywhere — minimizing downtime and avoiding the need to reship devices.
  • Customized configurations With Esper’s flexible device policies, BusRight’s devices now have custom call configurations that only allow for calls to and from certain numbers.
  • Easy provisioning BusRight is saving time with Esper’s easy enrollment methods.
  • Esper Cloud Utilizing Esper Cloud instead of the Google Play Store, BusRight is able to apply different application versions to different groups, creating more visibility and control over updates.
  • Esper APIs With Esper’s APIs, BusRight is able to integrate Esper’s upload and deploy process into their CI/CD pipeline providing additional control over application updates.

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