Esper Helps Lula Unlock New Revenue Streams for Convenience Stores

With Esper’s automated provisioning, Lula Convenience can streamline device provisioning, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on delivering cutting-edge tools to convenience stores.
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About Lula

Lula Convenience is the premier delivery solution for convenience retailers. The Lula Store Platform digitizes your inventory and connects your store with delivery platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more!

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To Deliver Innovation, Lula Needed To Break Free From a Tedious Provisioning Process

The pandemic dealt a devastating blow to convenience stores, which heavily rely on in-store foot traffic to generaterevenue. With their innovative device-based solution, Lula was able to save convenience stores by giving thema viable revenue stream that doesn’t require foot traffic. Stores can now digitize their inventory and offer onlineordering, creating new levels of accessibility and ease. Lula provided tablets enable store staff to manage onlineorders more efficiently by aggregating orders across third-party platforms. This means increased sales for thestores and unparalleled convenience for customers, who can now have their orders delivered straight to their door.

However, Lula quickly realized their manual process for provisioning tablets, which took 5-10 minutes per deviceand could only be done one at a time, was hindering their ability to scale effectively. They knew there was a betterway. Once they found Esper things changed dramatically. With Esper, Lula can now provision dozens of tabletsat a time in a matter of minutes, enabling them to focus on what they do best: helping convenience stores thrivein the digital age.
We were looking for a way to manage our tablets as we shipped them out to stores. After findingand trying Esper we realized it was the right platform to help us fully optimize our operationalprocedures and get up and running fast.
Tom Falzani
Co-founder & CPO at Lula Convenience

Lula Embraces a Brighter, More Efficient Future With Esper

With Esper, Lula found the perfect solution tostreamline their device provisioning and makethe most of their resources. By leveraging Esper’smultiple provisioning methods, such as the 6-tapQR code and seamless provisioning, Lula can shiptheir tablets ready to use directly to conveniencestores via a third-party logistics provider (3PL),dramatically reducing Lula’s workload andminimizing the need for manual intervention.

Their 3PL simply scans a QR code to quickly bringa tablet to Lula’s desired state, with the Lula appand device settings pre-loaded within minutes.In fact, with Esper, Lula can even preset specificWi-Fi settings, saving their customers significantsetup time. The tablets are then shipped directlyto the store and ready to use as soon as they’rebooted up. With Esper in their corner, Lula can notonly streamline their operations to innovate faster,but they can also deliver seamless out-of-the-boxexperiences for their customers.

Esper made it so much easier to not only build our product but to provision and ship our tabletsto our customers. Switching from provisioning devices one-by-one to their more automatedprovisioning options has saved us a lot of time
Tom Falzani
Co-founder & CPO at Lula Convenience