Ordermark Achieves Shorter Downtime and Improved Customer Service on Esper

Enabling restaurants to scale online ordering — Ordermark can now flexibly deploy different types of devices, better support customers in the field, and integrate customized solutions on Esper.
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4000 devices deployed
Implementation <2 months
Custom application integration
Lower headcount

About Ordermark

Ordermark is an online ordering management system for restaurants. It addresses a big and growing challenge for restaurants: online ordering services, which drive tremendous revenue to restaurants, each operates differently with their own technology and procedures for handling orders. It helps restaurants increase efficiency and grow profits by aggregating mobile orders across all of the major online-ordering service providers into a single dashboard and printer.

Founded: 2017

Industry: Restaurants

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In 2020 restaurants had to digitize or die, and Ordermark offered a lifeline. But as demand for Ordermark’s services grew with increased food delivery needs, the devices in use fell short. These off-the-shelf tablets faced end-of-life issues as the manufacturer ended the production of that model. Also, Ordermark’s device management solution was tied to the same device manufacturer, and the program wasn’t going to work the same way on the new version of tablets available. Ordermark turned to Esper, looking for solutions for:

  • Shortcomings with previous MDM (Mobile Device Manager)
  • Cumbersome set up that required support in the field
  • Rigid permission settings limited customer service support abilities.
  • Restricted to one brand of hardware
  • Tablet end-of-life issues
  • Long-term technology partnership.

With Esper, we can deploy devices at scale to customers with varying levels of tech expertise and internet connectivity - the tablets just work out of the box - and updates happen seamlessly. Without Esper, we would be spending a lot of time providing tech support to chefs who would rather be in the kitchen turning out food for customers!

Alex Canter
CEO, Ordermark

Esper’s Solution

Ordermark chose Esper for our ability to customize and competitive pricing with more functionality. Now, with thousands of devices in the field and more on the way to market, Ordermark saves time and money with customized permission settings and application integrations.

After switching to Esper, Ordermark is experiencing the advantages of:

  • Time saved with seamless provisioning — Esper works out of the box
  • Direct support with custom device manufacturers
  • Lower headcount with less need for technical support escalations
  • Enrollment of Esper Manage onto current off-the-shelf devices, enabling complete control over multiple device types — managed from one screen
  • Flexible user permission settings give customer support agents visibility while admins retain control
  • No-touch deployment for tablets already in the field with a customized APK
  • Improved customer service with customized Salesforce integration
  • Remote viewing for debugging and training
  • Ability to diagnose issues and locate lost devices in real-time resulting in shorter downtimes.

Traditional MDMs are only built for employee device use, but we also needed a solution for the devices we’re sending to our customers — for the devices they depend on to operate their businesses every single day. Esper’s Android expertise is a game-changer. Because that expertise is at their core, they can truly provide us with a technology partnership.

Mas Yoshida from Taco Bell
Bruce Crenshaw
Director of Hardware, Ordermark
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