No-Touch Enrollment, Remote Control, and Device Lockdown Enable Teach for India To Deliver Distance Learning at Scale

COVID-19 hit India’s lower-income students hard — amplifying their challenges for access to education. Teach for India deployed 10,000 Android tablets preloaded with Esper in time for the school year to help them continue their education — proving that Esper is THE platform to rollout EdTech deployments.
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10,000 devices deployed
100% remote support 24/7
Real-time student and teacher engagement

About Teach for India

Teach For India is a nationwide movement of leaders dedicated to providing an excellent education for all children. These include both Fellows, who commit two years to teaching low-income & under-resourced classrooms, as well as Staff teams, who bolster these efforts through strategic support & organizational direction.

Location: India

Industry: Education

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Teach for India Needed a Device Management Solution Built for the Unique Challenges of EdTech

Teach for India runs large-scale educational programs for thousands of school kids in India. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they were determined to enable students from lower income households to continue their education. Securing 10,000 Android tablets for the students became their number one priority.

Teach for India purchased Android devices for their reliability and affordability. But they needed a partner capable of providing a technical solution for deploying the devices to their students in time for the school year. A partner who could deliver:

  • Granular control over device data, security, and app usage.
  • Remote monitoring and real-time engagement capabilities.  
  • Real-time visibility into device location, and application and device usage.

In order to cope with the Pandemic and ensure that our students wouldn’t miss out or fall behind, we procured 10,000 devices with an aim to use them for blended learning once the schools resumed. A Mobile Device Manager (MDM) wasn’t enough. We required a partner that would help us to restrict usage to educational apps, track our devices and enable our teachers to monitor the students’ usage of the devices.

Hitesh Rawtani
Director Technology, Teach for India

Esper’s Solution

Traditional MDM solutions weren't enough to help Teach for India successfully rollout devices to remote students. Esper helped procure Android tablets for Teach for India and, using our cloud tools powerful enough to support EdTech, transformed them into dedicated devices for their staff and students.

With Esper's no-touch provisioning, the devices were pre-loaded with enrollment profiles and configured for single-use ships directly to the student’s location. Once powered on, students only needed to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Esper's solution fulfilled the organizational demands in time for school without requiring considerable IT resources from Teach for India. Teach for India can now realize the benefits of Esper's Android DevOps solution, which includes:

  • Seamless, no-touch enrollment Accelerates and simplifies enrollment for devices shipped to students while minimizing the need for IT resources.
  • Remote connection Enables teachers to correspond with remote students, allowing them to send messages, share files, and block/approve apps on their devices.
  • Custom dashboards and device telemetry Monitors student app usage, providing student accountability at the app and device level.
  • Remote troubleshooting with immediate support for device failures Provides support for students when things don’t work, minimizing their struggles with the technology.
  • Real-time telemetry Enables Esper engineers and the Teach for India team to ensure devices perform as planned.
  • Esper’s SafeSearch Provides student protection, so students are never exposed to unauthorized material updates, which also minimizes outages.
  • Strict Allow/Block list Restricts applications on student devices to those approved by Teach for India and inhibits students from deleting apps.
  • Programmatic app testing and roll out from Esper to the entire fleet Ensures staff and students experience positive results with any updates.
  • Intuitive interface Increases students’ and teachers’ engagement with the new tablets.

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