TCO for dedicated device management vs. traditional MDM

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive calculation of the full lifecycle of using a product or service, including both capital costs (CapEx) and operational costs (OpEx). The TCO analysis and formula in the whitepaper will help you make smarter decisions on reducing costs and maximizing value.
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What is TCO and why it matters

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To build a comprehensive TCO analysis of how you will configure, deploy, monitor, and update your device fleet, you need to look beyond just the per-device software subscription costs for both dedicated device management solutions and traditional mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

This includes the following components:

Accelerating time to market and avoiding launch delays
Maintaining and remediating product issues
Avoiding or paying for security incidents
Building agility and flexibility into your product
Scaling your fleet

In this whitepaper, we help you understand the costs you’ll incur for each of the factors based on experiences with thousands of customers across industries, from hospitality and restaurants, to education, retail, healthcare, and logistics. By understanding the costs, you’ll be able to apply factors specific to your business and use case, and make a smarter decision about how to manage your dedicated device fleet.

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About Esper

Esper is the only full-stack DevOps platform that provides seamless end-to-end management of dedicated devices within a stable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. With robust capabilities for device lockdown, kiosk mode, remote control, over-the-air updates, deployment pipelines, and more, organizations can automate standard device operations and focus on innovation.

Regularly shipping software is essential for implementing customer feedback and creating customized experiences. Esper’s device infrastructure enables developers, mid-market organizations, and enterprise fleets of 100,000+ devices to deliver their software as a service regardless of hardware. Esper has rapidly-growing global customer adoption among some of the world’s most innovative major brands in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, education, and more.

Want to learn more on how an intelligent switch to Android mPos can streamline your PCI compliance, and improve visibility, control, and remediation at each stage of the device lifecycle?

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