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Esper is the industry's first Android DevOps Platform, bringing an agile approach to the entire product lifecycle. Esper's deep expertise in Android spans from chip to cloud, ensuring success whether starting from solution design or transforming an existing fleet.

Customers worldwide trust Esper’s cloud management tools for Android device deployment, app management, and monitoring.

Esper for Android DevOps

Android DevOps is the practice of delivering exceptional customer experiences with a toolchain for collaboration, visibility, and control all the way from development to production. Esper’s platform enables real-time single-pane response to device state changes — including the health and performance of apps, configurations, OS, firmware, and more.

Dev Tools

Build, deploy, and debug with developer tools and custom OS — Esper Enhanced Android. Esper’s APIs, SDKs, CLI, and IDE plugin streamline custom app development and cloud integrations.

Advanced DevOps Pipelines

Create global pipelines to continuously improve fleet productivity and performance. Automate deployment rollouts by pipeline stage, device group, or success criteria.

Device Telemetry

Improve rollouts and debugging with telemetry data to understand OS, system, and app health — including battery, network, data usage, and storage for supported devices.

Esper is the Future of Mission-Critical Edge Device Deployment

Modern organizations need Android DevOps for infrastructure and automation. Traditional mobility solutions aren’t designed to monitor device and application health on touchscreen devices, lock devices to kiosk mode, or support other non-traditional Android use cases.

Esper's Essential Android DevOps Features

Device management

Device actions, event feeds, device information, group commands

Content management

Transfer & store files, View transfer history

App management

Private apps, Google Play apps, app update scheduling, group app installs


Custom reports, device graphs

Kiosk mode

Group commands, group app installs

AOSP Support

GMS-certified support, AOSP support


Granular lock down


Auto-lock lost or stolen devices

Esper's DevOps features for advanced Android management

Managed Android OTA updates*

Seamless, no-touch provisioning

Remote view

Remote control

Hardware qualification support

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*For supported devices

Esper vs. Traditional Solutions

Esper was created to provide a seamless approach to the entire single-purpose device lifecycle with a rich set of features for Android deployments like kiosks, mPOS, mobile, tablets, and other devices.

Our cloud platform can seamlessly scale with your product roadmap, allowing you to take advantage of new capabilities as you transform your deployments.




Device Management Features
Compatible with 99% of Android Builds
Partial Support
Secure Kiosk Mode
CI/CD Automated Pipelines for App Configuration & Deployment
Custom Device Emulators
Virtual Device Lab
Secure Remote Debugging
Android OS Enhancement & Managed OTA Updates
Over 35 Validated Hardware Vendors
Custom Android Device Development with MediaTek’s IoT Platform

How Customers Use Esper

Esper is deployed on 100,000+ devices worldwide.
Transportation & Logistics
Across industries, customers rely on our powerful cloud platform to achieve business transformation.


Spire Health uses Esper’s cloud to deploy and manage clinical-grade patient monitoring devices.

Health and Fitness

Inspire Fitness works with Esper to design and manage its connected fitness products to ensure a seamless customer experience.
Our Partners
Our Partners

The First Intelligent Cloud Solution for Android Devices

Esper is the first DevOps platform designed for single-purpose Android devices
Smart Fitness
Student Devices
Digital Signage
We’re compatible with virtually ALL Android hardware and versions 4.4+, so you can deploy and manage your fleet of GMS-certified and AOSP devices.

Support for AOSP Devices

GMS-Certified AND Non-GMS Devices

Non-Traditional Device Support

Deploy and Maintain Android IoT

Almost ALL Android Welcome

Android Versions 4.4+ and 5.x+

Streamlined Deployment

Simple Provisioning & Deployment

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Esper’s cloud platform for Android DevOps is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point, which is backed by industry-leading customer support.
Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services is available on request.

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Esper empowers engineers, developers, and operations teams with tools crafted for company-owned Android devices. Our full stack platform covers building, deploying, managing, and maintaining - to move beyond MDM to Android DevOps.
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