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Keith Szot
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We’ve been working with hardware manufacturers, software vendors, and resellers for years to deliver combined value across the board. And we’ve heard time and time again how much that value is reciprocated, elevating both us and the partner. That’s why it’s time to make these relationships official (and add a whole slew of new ones) with Esper Elevate, our new partner program. 

There’s something for everyone with Elevate. Whether you’re an OEM/ODM, ISV, MSP, VAR, reseller, or distributor, we have a plan for how we can work together to grow in tandem. You can sell Esper directly through reseller partnerships, or simply earn a commission through our referral program — it’s really about what makes the most sense for you. Either way, when you join Elevate, you’re in the inner circle. 

What that means for you is a robust relationship where we build each other up. On our end, you’ll get dedicated support from our team of experts, exclusive training programs to learn about Esper, custom solutions that are unique to your business and offering, no frills communications (we call it like we see it), and joint marketing opportunities. Oh, and of course, money. 

That’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering what makes Esper a valuable partner. How about this: 

  • A robust, next-gen MDM platform: There are a bunch of cookie cutter MDMs out there, and we’re not one of them. Our device management offering is truly unique, offering advanced features you won’t find anywhere else. Like Blueprints
  • Vetted, tested, and proven customer retention: Customers love us. Our accolades speak for themselves, and our consistently high review scores back them. Esper sells itself, reducing your time to sale and support burden. 
  • Seamless software integration for truly touchless deployments: Deploying new hardware is a daunting task for many. With Esper, you can roll deployment into bootup. Just turn the device on and go grab a coffee. It’ll be ready to rock and roll before the first sip hits your lips.
  • DevOps-inspired tooling for incredible efficiency: You don’t have to be a software developer to take advantage of the buttery efficiency of DevOps. With Esper, we’re bringing continuous integration and delivery to smart endpoints all over the globe. This opens the door for more advanced conversations with your customers and additional opportunities beyond Esper. 
  • Granular app delivery mechanisms: App delivery is hard. But only if you don’t have Esper’s Cloud and Pipelines in your back pocket. 

And that’s just the beginning. I know, I know — that’s what people always say. But we mean it, and we can prove it. 

If you’re interested in becoming an Esper partner, join Elevate today

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Keith Szot
Keith Szot

Keith is the Chief Evangelist at Esper, the geeky force-of-nature driving efforts to build a robust community of device manufacturers and software developers to connect with our customers.

Keith Szot
Learn about Esper mobile device management software for Android and iOS
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