A Message from Esper CEO Yadhu Gopalan on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Yadhu Gopalan
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Currently, the world faces enormously challenging conditions. All of us feel a deep sense of concern about public health during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the intense climate of uncertainty, I’m maintaining hope that we can create a united effort to beat the pandemic.

These past weeks, we’ve seen countless examples of selfless bravery among healthcare professionals, including my wife and her colleagues who are Physicians at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response in Seattle. While current challenges are unlike anything we’ve faced in recent history, I’ve learned the value of collaboration in my career. 

People working together toward a shared goal is a powerful force for good.

I believe that global collaboration between all of us — healthcare, legislation, organizations, and individuals — can restore public safety.  I’ve found inspiration in the following words:

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

Esper’s Commitment to Solving Current Public Health Challenges

Technology has enormous potential to improve society and culture. Mobility has already expanded access to healthcare, education, and banking for underprivileged populations worldwide. Esper was founded to streamline Android innovation with the hope of serving a greater purpose. My co-founder Shiv Sundar and I are deeply passionate about mobility’s potential to drive stronger, healthier communities. 

Currently, Esper’s focal point is helping the healthcare industry overcome enormous challenges via mobile modernization. We’re doing our part by offering free telemedicine consultations on the core components of upgrading kiosk mode apps. Esper wants to donate our expertise to help the healthcare industry remotely test, screen, and treat patients. I plan to continue working to modernize healthcare systems throughout my career.

Esper’s Global Team is Healthy and Working Remotely

Esper’s global workforce is concentrated in Seattle, WA, Menlo Park, CA, and Bangalore, India. At the present time, I’m relieved to share that our employees, families, and clients are healthy. Last week, we shifted to a fully-remote work model. I’m thankful for my team’s positive attitudes and continued productivity during this transition. In particular, I commend Esper’s Bangalore team for their flexibility since they’re accustomed to working from an office space. The India team is making the best of it, despite limited home bandwidth. Esper is working with employees to improve this when possible. 

Individual members of the Esper team are stepping up to add to community momentum. Notably, Front End Lead Kiran Anto is working tirelessly to create an app to connect organizations and individuals in need with local donations of sanitizers, masks, and food. We’ll share a link on Esper’s social media accounts as soon as Kiran’s Neighbourhood Supply app is released. 

I’m conscious of the fact that human health is fragile and family should always come first. I encourage my employees and leaders to protect the health and well-being of Esper’s community above all else.

Esper is Committed to Transparent Communications

Like others, we are likely to feel the impact of the current conditions on our business. I feel strongly that Esper can endeavor to persevere, while also helping our employees and community at every step. Honesty and authenticity are core brand values at Esper, and we plan to communicate in real-time with our employees, clients, partners, and communities. 

Together, we can overcome the global COVID-19 pandemic and work to create healthier, safer communities for everyone. Please reach out directly via email or social media if you have any concerns, or if I can be of any assistance.

With hope and gratitude,

Yadhu Gopalan
CEO and Co-Founder


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Yadhu Gopalan
Yadhu Gopalan

Yadhu is Esper's CEO and co-founder. He's our Chief Geek and is the visionary behind Esper’s mission to power exceptional device experiences.

Yadhu Gopalan
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