Cultivating operational excellence in Restaurants

Alex Deane
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Cultivating operational excellence in Restaurants

Carl Osbourn is the author of Delivering the Digital Restaurant which gives restaurant leaders a roadmap to the Future of Food. 

Brian Reece and Steve Crowley are the Principals and Founders of Service Physics helping restaurants build systems that deliver world-class customer experiences at scale.

This trio joins the podcast today to talk about how technology and data are helping solve the restaurant industry’s toughest challenges with guest host Emily Carrion. They discuss how innovations can make or break your guests’ experience and deliver crucial benefits like accelerating speed of service, enhancing customer loyalty programs, and providing a competitive edge. They detail how to assess whether a technology is right for your restaurant, whether it’s a tablet for managing orders or the latest KDS. And they highlight how new technologies, such as VR, AI, and geofencing, are paving the way for further operational excellence.

  • 5:43 - Technology innovations that have changed the restaurant industry
  • 9:45 - How has digitization uniquely impacted restaurants
  • 14:40 - What challenges are restaurants facing today
  • 21:30 - What devices are helping solve these challenges
  • 30:30 - How to assess whether a technology is right for your restaurant
  • 35:45 - Using VR and AI to unlock insights
  • 38:22 - What do leaders of digital restaurants need to do to be successful

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Alex Deane
Alex Deane

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