Embracing a New Future for Esper: Our Journey to iOS

Yadhu Gopalan
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As the CEO of a startup that has carved out a unique space in Android device management, I've seen firsthand the transformative impact of robust, advanced mobile management solutions. Esper’s journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to pushing the envelope and continuously enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the Android ecosystem for enterprises. That said, the narrative of our journey is expanding, much like the horizons of the businesses we support. Today, I want to talk a little bit about why we decided to bring iOS devices onto the Esper platform.

The decision to move into iOS is more than a strategic business maneuver. It’s an acknowledgment of the evolution of the modern business. Diversity in technology is not just about different devices or operating systems — it's about the people who use them and the processes they embody. Inclusion is the cornerstone of innovation, and our expansion is a reflection of that belief.

Why iOS, and Why Now?

The decision to support iOS devices has always been on our roadmap, and there are a variety of reasons why the right time is now. 

  • Market maturity: The global enterprise mobility market is maturing, with companies now requiring more sophisticated tools to manage their fleets of varied devices. Until recently, the Android and iOS ecosystems have often been siloed, creating unnecessary friction for IT departments. By integrating iOS into our platform, we're breaking down these silos, offering a unified solution that speaks to the complexity and diversity of modern device environments.
  • Customer demand: Our clients have spoken, and we listened. As much as Android holds a significant share of the market, iOS is synonymous with certain sectors and demographics. Our clients' workforces are increasingly mobile and diverse, utilizing a mix of Android and iOS devices. The inclusion of iOS into our platform is a direct response to the needs of our clients who seek a cohesive management system.
  • Security and compliance: The cyber threat landscape is evolving with alarming speed and sophistication. iOS devices are often perceived as less susceptible to some threats, and many organizations lean on them for this perceived security. By encompassing iOS, we provide an extra layer of security and ensure that compliance is maintained across all devices, not just Android.
  • Innovation synchronization: Apple has consistently pushed the envelope in the realm of privacy and security, which aligns with our ethos of providing forward-thinking, secure device management solutions. Integrating iOS into our services allows us to leverage Apple's innovative frameworks, like the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Configurator, to deliver advanced features that resonate with our commitment to excellence.

In a world where change is the only constant, our decision to embrace iOS reflects our agility and readiness to adapt. Now is the right time because our customers are navigating the complexities of a digital-first business environment today, not tomorrow. Now is the right time because the boundaries between work and life, Android and iOS, personal and professional, are blurring. And now is the right time because as technology becomes more integrated into every aspect of work, the need for inclusive, comprehensive, and secure device management is not just necessary, it's imperative.

The Path Forward

Our expansion into iOS is not just about keeping pace with the market; it's about leading it. It's a testament to our belief in an ecosystem-agnostic approach that values secure, efficient, and seamless management of devices, regardless of operating system. It's a commitment to our customers that we will meet them wherever they are and wherever they go.

You may be asking yourself what this means for our future with Android. In short: nothing. Nothing different, anyway. We’re as committed to Android as we’ve ever been and will continue to leverage Android’s versatility to evolve as the market needs. In a world where mixed device fleets are the future, we want Esper to be the first name in device management for company-owned hardware. 

As we embark on this new chapter, I extend a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners, and the incredible Esper team whose hard work and dedication have brought us to this pivotal moment. Together, we're not just embracing change; we're shaping it. Welcome to a new era of device management.


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Learn about Esper mobile device management software for Android and iOS
Yadhu Gopalan
Yadhu Gopalan

Yadhu is Esper's CEO and co-founder. He's our Chief Geek and is the visionary behind Esper’s mission to power exceptional device experiences.

Yadhu Gopalan

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