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Keith Szot
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Today, we’re proud to announce that, thanks to our consistent commitment to excellence, we have officially achieved the Android Enterprise Silver partnership status. This accolade is not just a testament to our hard work but is also an embodiment of our dedication to delivering top-notch mobile device management (MDM) solutions to the market. It confirms that we have the expertise, excellence, and reliable performance to meet Google’s standards.

Why It Matters

Android Enterprise Silver status is a significant recognition from Google that acknowledges our proficiency and expertise in Android solutions. As an Android Enterprise Silver Partner, we've demonstrated superior knowledge in managing and supporting Android's advanced enterprise features, displayed the technical understanding and implementation of Android hardware and software, provided trustworthy customer service, and demonstrated success in our respective marketplace category.

Achieving the Android Enterprise Silver Partner status offers several benefits for us that will ultimately trickle down to our customers:

  • Enhanced Capabilities: This partnership grants us access to advanced Android Enterprise training and tools. It ensures that we stay at the forefront of Android innovations, enabling us to harness the latest enterprise features and technologies.
  • Trust and Credibility: The Android Enterprise Silver badge is a stamp of approval from one of the world's leading tech companies. It instills confidence in our customers, knowing that they are collaborating with a partner recognized by Google for its MDM expertise.
  • Priority Support: Our partnership ensures that we receive priority technical support from Android Enterprise experts. This translates into faster troubleshooting and more efficient resolution of any challenges, ensuring minimal disruption for our customers.

“Esper has always believed in the power of Android and what it’s capable of. Reaching Android Enterprise Silver status is a testament to that dedication — recognition from Google that we have the expertise to provide the experience that customers can trust. I’m proud of the commitment of the team to achieve this certification,” said Yadhu Gopalan, Esper CEO.

Hitting this milestone didn't happen overnight. From the onset, our mission has been clear — to deliver the best MDM solutions in the industry. Our team has dedicated countless hours to training, understanding the intricacies of the Android ecosystem, and tailoring our solutions to ensure seamless integration and management for businesses of all sizes.

Of course, this comes in addition to our expertise in all flavors of Android — not just GMS. We have extensive experience managing AOSP devices, too — including our own version of Android, Esper Foundation. Ultimately, that makes us the Android experts. Regardless of the flavor, we can manage, optimize, and help you scale it with next-generation device management tools, advanced Android insights, and the promise that we’ll always be at the forefront of Android technologies. That’s us looking out for you.

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Keith Szot
Keith Szot

Keith is the SVP of Business Development at Esper, the geeky force-of-nature driving efforts to build a robust community of device manufacturers and software developers to connect with our customers.

Keith Szot
Learn about Esper mobile device management software for Android and iOS
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