Esper collaborates with MediaTek on a fully-integrated hardware and software solution for connected devices

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Esper, the leading platform to deploy, manage and monitor applications and devices for Android-based device fleet is collaborating with MediaTek as technology partner to offer a complete solution comprised of MediaTek hardware integrated with Esper cloud software for building connected devices.

A central challenge in building and then managing dedicated device fleets is tight integration of both application and device management spanning development, test, deployment, and maintenance. 

“Esper’s unique focus on Android-based purpose-built device fleets, combined with the company’s extensive developer tooling, is a natural fit for MediaTek’s Rich IoT program to drive innovation for the enterprise.”

MediaTek’s i300A (MT8362A)chipset, part of their Rich IoT program integrates all essential requirements for connected devices, including powerful CPU and GPU processors, multimedia, security and connectivity (Wifi and cellular modems). Esper’s integration on top of MediaTek’s hardware will open up compelling new use cases - evolving customer engagements and employee workflows - on purpose-built form-factors, such as kiosks, POS, digital signage, fitness, and robotics.

“We are seeing significant growth of touch-enabled enterprise devices running Android. Esper is excited to collaborate with MediaTek to offer a turnkey Android OS and cloud platform, accelerating development time for vertically-integrated Android devices. We want enterprises to focus on their application and vertical cloud platform and build on top of the stable platform Esper and MediaTek’s technology offers,” Shiv Sundar, Esper Founder and COO.

According to Esper market research, expect over 200 million enterprise-ready Android devices will be deployed in the next five years. Enterprises are today stuck with non-customizable, off-the-shelf devices or have to source custom hardware from unknown vendors. MediaTek and Esper teamed up to create a customizable device solution as a baseline on which new use cases can be added in a matter of weeks.  

MediaTek’s collaboration with Esper will enable faster development and deployment of enterprise edge devices ranging from kiosks, PoS devices, digital signage and more. MediaTek’s highly integrated i300A chipset offers a rich set of interfaces to provide superb performance and low power consumption, while also reducing bill of materials costs,” said Mohit Bhushan, VP and GM of US Business Development at MediaTek. 

To create a custom device solution with Esper and MediaTek, schedule a demo with us or send a message to our team.


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Esper Team
Esper Team

The Esper Team is on a mission to power exceptional device experiences by revolutionizing the way companies manage their device fleets. Through advanced capabilities, Esper is leading the market beyond standard MDM practices into the modern era of DevOps for devices and beyond — Where workflow automation is standard, re-provisioning is a thing of the past, and managing by exception unlocks unprecedented operational efficiency.

Esper Team
Learn about Esper mobile device management software for Android and iOS
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