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Shifali Jamwal
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At Esper, we constantly strive to make device management more accessible and efficient for our customers. Today, we're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform: Remote Viewer for iOS devices. With this new feature, Esper makes it even easier to remotely manage iOS devices, solidifying our commitment to enable you to provide exceptional device experiences to your customers, whether you use iOS, Android, or a mix of both.

Managing a fleet of iOS devices can be daunting, especially when dealing with issues remotely. Traditional MDM tools often fail to provide real-time visibility and control, leaving IT teams wrestling with several issues. For example, managing iOS devices, such as iPads, for non-tech-savvy elderly patients can be challenging. 

Native remote viewer enables companies to avoid common pitfalls like: 

  • Limited Troubleshooting Capabilities: Without a remote viewer, diagnosing and resolving issues on iOS devices can be time-consuming and challenging. IT teams rely on end-users to describe problems accurately, leading to miscommunications and delays in resolution, impacting productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Challenges in Support Processes: Non-tech-savvy users may need help performing actions on their devices. Without direct access to the device screen, IT support relies on users to provide screenshots or videos, leading to inefficiencies and unreliable information and making issue resolution harder.
  • Dependency on Third-Party Tools: Many device management solutions require third-party integrations for remote viewing, complicating setup and raising security concerns. Compatibility issues and extra costs further add to the complexity and expense of the solution.

Now, imagine if you had remote viewing and device management capabilities all on the same platform.

Enter Remote Viewer

Remote Viewer for iOS devices addresses these pain points head-on by providing a seamless, integrated solution within the Esper platform. Here’s how it transforms the device management experience:

  • Real-Time Diagnostics: With Remote Viewer, IT teams can view the iOS device screen in real-time — they see exactly what the user sees as it happens. This allows them to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues without needing detailed explanations from users. As a result, you can resolve issues much faster, improving user satisfaction. Users are happier because they get their problems fixed quickly and efficiently, without going through lengthy explanations or sending screenshots and videos.
  • Enhanced Control: Direct access to the device screen allows IT administrators to guide users through complex procedures step-by-step, making it easier for users to follow along and complete tasks correctly. IT administrators can also configure settings directly, ensuring that devices are set up correctly without needing to rely on users to make the adjustments. Additionally, they can monitor device usage in real time, which allows them to quickly identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems. This hands-on approach reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures that devices always operate optimally, providing a smoother and more reliable experience for users.
  • Integrated Solution: By offering Remote Viewer as a native feature within Esper, there’s no need for third-party tools or additional integrations. This streamlines the entire management process, making it simpler and more straightforward for IT teams. Without needing to install and configure extra software, administrators can get started immediately, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, having Remote Viewer built directly into the Esper platform enhances security by reducing the number of external applications that interact with sensitive data, thereby minimizing potential vulnerabilities. It also eliminates the additional costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, and supporting third-party tools, leading to significant cost savings for organizations. 

Elevate Your Device Management with Esper

Adding Remote Viewer for iOS devices further enables Esper customers to easily manage both iOS and Android devices from a single pane of glass. We’re excited to provide our customers with a powerful tool that simplifies device management, enhances support capabilities, and improves overall efficiency. As always, we’re committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring you have the best tools to manage your enterprise devices effectively.

Remote Viewer for iOS devices is now available and will roll out to existing customers over the next few weeks. You can view step-by-step directions for getting started here and experience the difference it makes in your device management workflow.


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Shifali Jamwal
Shifali Jamwal

Shifali is Esper's Senior Product Marketing Manager and brings an impressive track record of over a decade in marketing. Having traversed the global landscape, she notably played pivotal roles in startups that pursued ambitious growth targets. Following her MBA with honors, Shifali embarked on her journey with Esper, where she has been instrumental in crafting product messaging, executing launches, and delving deep into understanding our valued customers.

Shifali Jamwal
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