Inviting devices to the DevOps party

Alex Deane
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Inviting devices to the DevOps party

Andy Vitus is a long time investor with Scale VP and an Esper board member. In this episode Andy goes deep on what’s causing fundamental shifts in tech and the ways our world is becoming more connected. He explains the crucial relationship between software and devices- how both have evolved and the challenging dichotomy that exists between them. He then takes us to the bleeding edge of technology and highlights the device innovations catching his attention, from AI-enabled doorbells to warehouse robotics to quickly configurable rockets. Click play for the fascinating conversation, keep listening for the stories from two guys who remember a time before the internet.

  • 1:10 - How apps and devices have changed over the years and how they are making our lives better.
  • 8:26 - Why innovating on software and bringing those innovations to devices in a faster cadence is so important.
  • 12:18 - Recent investments catching Andy’s attention and what technologies are on the horizon
  • 18:00 - The DevOps mindset needed to successfully deploy software rapidly to devices at scale.
  • 23:00 - Why security is more than enough reason to use DevOps for devices.

About the There's a Device for That podcast

Discover the unprecedented device-based solutions changing the world around us.

There’s A Device For That! showcases the unprecedented device-based solutions changing the world around us and bringing to life experiences we once didn’t think possible. In each episode, our host, Sudhir Reddy, chats with an industry leader driving cutting-edge technology, such as line-busting devices, AI-enabled doorbells, and next-generation connectivity solutions, to explore what kind of impact they’re making and what’s in store for the future. Join us to uncover the progressive ideas transforming our daily lives, from how we work to how we play to how we connect.

There’s A Device For That! is brought to you by Esper, the industry's first DevOps platform for device fleets. For a full list of all episodes, head here.


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Alex Deane
Alex Deane

Alex is a Content Marketing Manager with 7+ years experience in content creation, creative direction, and project management for tech companies. She is also the producer of Esper's podcast, "There's A Device For That!", where we discuss the progressive device-based solutions transforming our daily lives with today's leading innovators.