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Alex Deane
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Kelsey Tempel is a Senior Product Manager at Sonos, a wireless home sound system that fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room. Kelsey comes on the show to dive into all things product development like how to stay focused on your customer through the development process and how to find innovation even with an established product. She discusses what makes Sonos so unique and how they’ve adapted to significant changes like the prevalence of the cloud and covid. She highlights the importance of automation and rapid iteration in product update cycles and shares what skills she thinks make the best product developers successful.

  • 1:09 - How Kelsey got into product development
  • 6:40 - What makes Sonos different and innovative
  • 11:50 - Best ways to identify customer pain points and evolve a product
  • 12:55 - Impact of Coivd at Sonos
  • 15:20 - Role of automation and rapid iteration in product development
  • 18:44 - How to keep innovation going as a product leader 

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Alex Deane
Alex Deane

Alex is a Content Marketing Manager with 7+ years experience in content creation, creative direction, and project management for tech companies. She is also the producer of Esper's podcast, "There's A Device For That!", where we discuss the progressive device-based solutions transforming our daily lives with today's leading innovators.