Revolutionizing Device Management with Blueprints — Now Generally Available

Shifali Jamwal
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To meet the ever-evolving challenges faced by enterprises managing complex device fleets at scale, we are proud to announce that Blueprints is now generally available. Blueprints revolutionizes the way organizations control device configurations — easily, flexibly, and dynamically. Traditionally, configuration templates have been instrumental in saving time during device provisioning, allowing teams to establish rules and apply them at scale. However, as the number of devices companies manage expanded, the need for a more dynamic and automated approach post-provisioning became evident, leading to the inception of Blueprints.

Blueprints changes the game for managing devices at scale. Unlike static configuration templates, Blueprints enables users to seamlessly make changes and enforce configurations post-provisioning, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-provisioning and frequent factory resets. This addresses a critical challenge faced by organizations in ensuring devices are upgraded to updated app deployment seamlessly without the need for a manual reset.

Embrace Modern DevOps Practices Like Drift Management

One customer in the healthtech industry configures an in-home device to run one app in kiosk mode at a volume of 75% so that patients are always able to hear notifications or alerts. For myriad reasons, a device can “drift” away from the desired state, such as if the patient’s child accidentally turns the volume down. With Blueprints, companies can monitor devices in drift and remotely converge devices back to the desired state — 75% volume level in this instance.

Whether it’s monitoring settings like volume levels, security policies, or the content on the device, drift monitoring and management allow customers to manage by exception, prioritizing the devices that need attention and easily converging them back to conformity.

Gain Flexible, Granular Control

Blueprints offers unprecedented granular control over configuration settings. In addition to having control over more than 80 device and app settings — and being able to choose when those settings and policies should be enforced (Provision Only, Always Apply, Ignore) — customers can also apply JSON script to access and apply deeper customizations within a blueprint. (Note: customers can access deeper customizations via the Property List, or plist, with a custom XML file, currently in beta for iOS devices.) Like all other settings applied via a Blueprint, these can be easily and dynamically applied and updated.

Save Time with Dynamic Software Updates

A customer that provides devices in correctional facilities requires the ability to dynamically control the end user experience after the initial device enrollment and provisioning, such as adding new apps, removing existing apps, or updating apps as new versions are released. With Blueprints, it’s easy for them to ensure the blueprints are always up to date with the latest content, and then they can simply converge devices to update them remotely — no time intensive re-provisioning or hands-on steps required.

Ready to Dive In?

As the default experience for creating and applying device configurations, Blueprints solidifies Esper's commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. To learn more about Blueprints, take a tour in the video below, delve into the technical documentation and try it for yourself.


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Revolutionizing Device Management with Blueprints — Now Generally Available
Shifali Jamwal
Shifali Jamwal

Shifali is Esper's Senior Product Marketing Manager and brings an impressive track record of over a decade in marketing. Having traversed the global landscape, she notably played pivotal roles in startups that pursued ambitious growth targets. Following her MBA with honors, Shifali embarked on her journey with Esper, where she has been instrumental in crafting product messaging, executing launches, and delving deep into understanding our valued customers.

Shifali Jamwal

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