Frontline device management for Android is here

Shiv Sundar
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Frontline device management for Android is here

The Siyata SD7 is built for frontline workers, where push-to-talk functionality is much faster than a standard touchscreen. Siyata will embed Esper software into SD7 handsets running a custom version of the Android operating system. The combined offering unlocks new functionality that was not previously possible, including streamlined device onboarding and provisioning as well as device customization while in the field. When Siyata’s SD7 is combined with Esper Foundation, it’s a ready-made and FirstNet-certified answer for police, fire, and EMTs. This is the next generation of frontline device management.

The promise of this new partnership is seen in the market for communication devices used by enterprise customers as well as public safety organizations like police and fire departments. The nature of this challenging work means that communication is best handled by rugged devices that, by design, lack touch screens, which are cumbersome and unreliable in many situations. Many public safety agencies were forced into a trade-off between handset ease-of-use and the easiest devices to operate and maintain at the fleet level. 

Our communities are only safe and healthy because of the hard work of police, fire, and medical. Emergency professionals do life-saving work every day, which is why frontline workers need push-to-talk devices to work quickly and efficiently. Public safety departments shouldn’t have to sacrifice security or management for devices that are easy-to-use. 

Siyata is a leading global provider of push-to-talk devices for frontline workers. Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile, stated that, "We are thrilled to partner with Esper as their enterprise mobility management (EMM) offering will be integral for Enterprise and Public Safety customers purchasing Siyata’s rugged smartphones. In todays’ environment a full Mobile Device Management solution is critical to managing mobile devices out in the field.”

Esper’s DevOps platform for Android devices helps organizations remotely scale and manage their mission-critical edge devices via a convenient SaaS offering. Esper provides mature cloud infrastructure for customers in any industry that are building app solutions for mission-critical devices. Esper lets users of any Android device form factor streamline deployment, security, and management of distributed fleets of mission-critical Android edge devices. 

Now, public safety workers can focus on what matters, which is keeping our communities safe, and healthy. With this new partnership, these workers can now use their preferred communication devices like the SD7 while Esper does the heavy lifting of device security, fleet management, and software updates behind the scenes. It’s a best-of-both-worlds partnership where end users get more value and 24/7 reliability from their communication devices without any added complexity in managing them.

Android is the operating system of choice for smartphones and the far larger number of non-smartphone communication, computing, and IoT devices, including everything from in-store kiosks and point-of-sale terminals to medical and communication devices. With Esper, Siyata Mobile has access to the best-in-breed Android device management platform and the only platform designed to bring the world of DevOps to devices. 

The first SD7 devices with Esper preloaded will be available in North America in Fall 2021 and then in Europe in 2022.


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Frontline device management for Android is here
Shiv Sundar
Shiv Sundar

Shiv is Esper's COO and co-founder.

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