Tech RX: Navigating the Healthcare Device Conundrum

Cam Summerson
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Recently, our CEO Yadhu Gopalan joined the crew at Outcomes Rocket to kick off a new podcast series all about device management in healthcare. We’re talking ground-level stuff here — the device management strategies you have to get right from the start, for everyone from startups to massive healthtech orgs. This first episode, lovingly dubbed “Navigating the Healthcare Conundrum,” digs into Esper at its core, how Yadhu took experience from his time at Microsoft and Amazon to pinpoint the need for a company like Esper, and how it applies to the healthcare industry. It’s a really great listen. 

You might be asking yourself, “Why healthcare as a focus?” It’s pretty simple: because healthcare is a complex industry that has undergone rapid innovation in the last half-decade. More healthcare companies than ever before utilize digital devices for things like remote patient care, telehealth, clinical trials, remote monitoring, and beyond. It’s a sea of unique hardware, privacy concerns, and complex device management scenarios — all of which Esper is uniquely positioned to tackle. 

Let’s put this into industry-friendly terms here: the vast majority of professional healthcare providers agree that getting a yearly flu shot is beneficial. A flu vaccination prepares the body for the incoming flu strain and helps it proactively build the antibodies to effectively and efficiently fight the virus. A reliable device management provider is similar in that it’s proactive, emphasis preemptive security, and, if properly implemented, can be self-healing. 

Okay, so that’s not a one-to-one comparison, but you get the idea. Reliable device management built on a robust infrastructure with dependable tooling is crucial, especially when life-saving hardware is potentially on the line. Managing a complex device fleet of wide-ranging hardware options — we’re talking about everything from simple check-in kiosks to remote glucose monitors, all on the same platform — is already tough enough, so a good device management provider should simplify this complexity. 

Case in point? The Esper console. It’s simple and intuitive, allowing IT teams to move quickly and efficiently. But the simplicity doesn’t mean it’s not also a powerful tool for dev teams — Esper’s APIs and SDK allow developers to fully manage devices without ever touching the console. It’s the best of both worlds, allowing healthcare companies to confidently innovate and scale rapidly. 

But I digress — Yadhu tells this story better than anyone, so I encourage you to give the first episode of this collab with Outcomes Rocket a listen. We have a series of five episodes lined up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for lots of in-depth discussions on security and compliance, customer use cases, and more. 


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Cam Summerson
Cam Summerson

Cam is Esper's Director of Content and brings over 10 years of technology journalism experience to Esper, including nearly half-a-decade as Editor in Chief of a technology publication. He currently oversees the ideation, execution, and distribution plans for numerous types of content from blog posts to ebooks and beyond.

Cam Summerson
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