Full-Stack Tools for Android
Device Deployments

The world’s most innovative DevOps teams use Esper to create responsive connections between device, app, and cloud backend.
Esper’s Android DevOps APIs, SDK & CLI support cloud-connected product development across a variety of Android form factors.
Esper is free for fleets up to 100 devices

Android Development Tools

Unlock a smarter approach to single-purpose Android app development with Esper’s Android Studio integration.
What are you waiting for? It takes 2 minutes (or less) to power up your IDE.

Power Up Android Studio IDE

  • Transform your IDE into a launchpad for single-purpose device domination.
  • With Esper, you can develop, test, and deploy apps for ALL Android form factors inside of a Div block.
What are you waiting for? It takes 2 minutes (or less) to power up your IDE.

Test Continously, Fail Faster

  • Access diagnostics and debugging for each stage of the app development pipeline.
  • Unlock remote troubleshooting for field devices.

Manage Android Apps

  • Create a single library of apps and app versions.
  • Archive your work with Esper's easy bulk uploader.

Simulate Real-World Performance

  • You can officially quit provisioning test devices with Esper’s AVDs for Android Studio.
  • Plus, you can test-drive our custom Android OS, Esper Foundation for Android, from your IDE.

Esper Python SDK

  • The Device SDK exposes an API so Android devs can seamlessly perform privileged operations on managed devices.
  • Now, you can develop apps for seamless operations or retrieve remote device info.

Full-Stack Developer Tools for Android

Automate your Android app development and device management for the cloud age

Esper’s full-stack cloud developer tools help you build, deploy, and
debug cloud-connected apps running on Android devices.

Esper CLI

A unified command line interface to the Esper APIs with source code.

Virtual Device Lab

  • Simulate real-world performance of devices, apps, configurations, and peripherals.
  • Improve test and performance optimization at each stage of the product development lifecycle.

Android OS for Device Fleets

  • Esper Foundation for Android is a purpose-built operating system for smart Android fleets.
  • Foundation removes consumer-grade software and adds security, easier provisioning, and rich remote debugging.