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The Tech RX podcast delves into the dynamic realm where technology and healthcare converge, exploring device innovations shaping the future of the healthcare industry. Each episode features in-depth discussions with industry pioneers, thought leaders, and experts navigating the forefront of health tech. From wearable devices revolutionizing patient care to how devices are transforming clinical trials, the series uncovers transformative device trends and their impact on healthcare delivery. Through insightful analysis and real-world examples, Tech Rx equips listeners with actionable insights to navigate the evolving landscape of digital health, fostering a deeper understanding of how technology is reshaping the way we approach healthcare. Welcome to your prescription for tomorrow's healthcare device challenges.

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About Outcomes Rocket

Outcomes Rocket serves as the premier podcast hosting some of healthcare's most renowned and influential leaders. As the shared knowledge hub for healthcare's most pressing challenges, its mission is twofold: to inspire and guide listeners in improving patient outcomes and experiencing business success in healthcare. Listeners are invited to tune in to gain valuable insights and expertise from industry leaders.

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Joe Saavedra, Infinite Objects
About the Tech RX Podcast Series

Esper is Modern Device Management

For tablets, smartphones, kiosks, point of sale, IoT, and other business-critical devices, with features like:

Kiosk mode

Hardened device lockdown for all devices (not just kiosks)

App management

Google Play, Apple App Store, private apps, or a mix of all three

Device groups

Manage devices individually, in user-defined groups, or all at once

Remote tools

Monitor, troubleshoot, and update devices without leaving your desk

Touchless provisioning

Turn it on and walk away — let your devices provision themselves

Reporting and alerts

Custom reports and granular device alerts for managing by exception
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