Next-Gen Device Management for Critical Company Hardware

From deployment to monitoring, software updates to troubleshooting. It’s everything you need to manage your devices — Android, iOS, or a mixed device fleet of both — all from a single pane of glass.

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For All Company-Managed Hardware

The needs of business-specific devices like tablets, kiosks, and point of sale systems are very different from those for employee-use smartphones or laptops.

Whether you’re running an enterprise device fleet full of Android hardware, a series of business-focused iPads, or any combination of Android and iOS devices, Esper’s unique platform lets you manage all of them from the same place, with the same tools, at the same time.

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Dynamic, Yet Effortless

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Deploy without stress

Streamline the deployment process with tooling made for modern device fleets.
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Update at will

Push reliable updates to increase security and optimize the user experience.
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Scale seamlessly

Grow your device fleet when you’re ready with a modern platform built to scale.
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Troubleshoot from anywhere

Say goodbye to onsite troubleshooting with remote viewing, control, and debugging.
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Workflows that work for you

Rudimentary device management slows growth and stunts your ability to scale quickly, so a reliable infrastructure built on automation and ease of use is crucial.
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No fuss hardware support

The Esper platform supports over 1,500 devices, with more added every day. Let our hardware experts match you with your next upgrade.
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A single pane of glass

Whether you have Android, iOS, or both, your devices are your devices on Esper. No need to organize them by operating system, device type, or location. Manage them all in one place.
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What Our Customers Say

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To support better customer and employee experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Esper is a true partner. Working with them allows us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware to use.

Mas Yoshida from Taco Bell
Mas Yoshida
Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell
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In hospitality, Android-based in-room tablets create a meaningful connection between the guest and the hotel, giving the guest broad contactless control over their stay. Guests can order dining, make service requests, adjust room controls, and much more with a few taps of a screen. Esper enables the INTELITY platform to globally deploy and manage devices across all of a customer’s properties regardless of size. Through Esper’s DevOps platform we can do remote installation and reduce the reliance on IT support at each hotel.

Ira Dworkin from Intelity
Ira Dworkin
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Esper’s seamless deployment ensures that even patients who are not as comfortable with technology can successfully use our service. Device set-up is simple, there is zero configuration needed by the patients, and Esper’s full-service solution detects connectivity and sensor failures ahead of time and alerts the Spire team for proactive outreach to our patients, often before they even notice an issue.

Neema Moravej from Spire Health
Neema Moravej, PhD
Co-founder and Chief Scientist,
Spire Health
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Esper Foundation: OS Control at Your Fingertips

If you’ve ever thought, “Why can’t I…” when designing your ideal device experience, Esper Foundation for Android is the answer. It’s an enterprise-grade operating system based on Android and built specifically for dedicated devices. Designed by you, built by us, and optimized for your devices.
OS control graphic

Full OS control

Stop trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole. Design your ideal experience from the ground up to provide exactly what you need.
Security graphic

Robust security and updates

Get reliable security updates from a partner you trust. Hardened security features and regular patches are baked in with Foundation.
Hardware form factors graphic

Form factors aplenty

Move beyond the rectangle with any form factor you want. Tablet, kiosk, POS? Sure. Rugged? Yep. Headless? You got it.
Re-use older hardware graphic

Works on your hardware

Don’t give up on older hardware just because the software is outdated. Flip it to Foundation and breathe new life into it.
Learn More About Foundation

Hardware Guidance Informed by Thousands of Use Cases

When you need new hardware, you don’t have to go it alone. We have the expertise to recommend the best hardware for your budget and use case, and the partner catalog to put you on the fast track to procurement. It’s the freedom to choose the right hardware for your business and the peace of mind that you’ll get it right the first time.
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Hardware without limitations

With support for over 1,500 devices, there’s plenty to choose from.
Check out the hardware catalog
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Need expert advice?

Not sure where to start? Want to go full custom? We got you.
Talk to a hardware expert

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Next-Gen Device Management for Modern Hardware

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